Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Helping Hands ...

As many of you vigilant Bloggers know I have recently, and somewhat hesitantly been added to the sidebar--to be a contributor to our family's blog. I promise I won't embarrass Krysta too badly with a "crazy or inappropriate" post, but here is my first attempt at "Posting".

Last Saturday I was invited to a Mormon Helping Hands "work party" 2 and 1/2 hours away in Sabine Pass, TX. (This is a clean-up effort in an area that was heavily damaged--this time from Hurricane IKE and still in great need of help and service.)

Five weeks after Hurricane IKE, Sabine Pass was still as bad off as many of the photos you saw from Galveston Island on the news right after the hurricane hit. Sabine Pass is also a coastal area, still without power in many areas, few if any businesses open, blue tarps lined the roof tops of houses and buildings. Mounds of mud still along much of the roads--including the highway in and out of the town and debris caught in trees marking the high storm surge as high as 12 feet above ground. In general--DEVASTATION like you cannot imagine.

The assignment that we received was to help out a gentleman (not a member of our church) whose property consisted of 4 lots--heavily devastated. Four lots, however, only one house was standing on the 4 lots. The other three--totally destroyed . . . . . Exploded . . . . . gone!

We cut and hauled huge trees that had fallen down; raked up parts of broken glass, shingles and sheet rock; (found several Cotton-mouth snakes in the debris) and gathered up mounds of moldly things--all to toss out on the side of the road. In the house that was still standing, four feet of sheet rock had to be pulled off the entire bottom portion of the house as the storm surge had entered and molded the boards behind it. And the floors still had wet mud in several rooms. The grossest thing by far was the wet clothes that sat in the dryer for 5 weeks. As I loaded the dryer on the dolly and opened the dryer door to get a better grip, I discovered several inches of the worst smelling mold I have ever witnessed. It made me dry heave once over!

Among all of the gloom and destruction, one of the most comforting things to see was literally HUNDREDS of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints wearing their yellow Mormon Helping Hands t-shirts. It is comforting to know that even when tragedy hits, we can both GIVE and RECEIVE many blessings from the kindness and service of those around us. Amazing. Truly Amazing!


Andrea said...

That is really cool Casey that you got to be a part of that. I love that our church is always one of the first to help. It is so great to know that our church gives so freely. Thank you for your example of hard work and service.

Emily Hansen said...

Casey, great post. The Mormon Helping Hands are so lucky to have you as a member, as are those you are serving. What a story! We'll be watching for more of your posts.

Emily Hansen said...
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The Johnson's said...

This a great story, Casey! It doesn't surprise me that you'd be right there helping out--you're a great example of service.

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