Saturday, December 6, 2008

{ Bits of Christmas MAGIC }...

This week has been a crazy whirlwind of a week.  After hyperventilating a few times from the stress overload of Christmas, I made a promise to myself of several things.  Things that I already know and have put into practice many Christmases before, but they got overlooked this year for some reason.  I could put blame on MANY things, but basically life is just busy.  I haven't even had time to plan and I'm usually such a planner.   I'm not going to complain about it though because I'm busy with so many good things that I love.  I now have a plan for myself for next year.  I have to have most things done before Thanksgiving.  I will have all of my Christmas shopping done, lights up outside,  and my Christmas cards done (I'm still working on all of these things this year).  I know that it's possible to have all of that done early and I really think it makes a HUGE difference in starting off Christmas right.   

Even though this week has been chaotic and completely unorganized (not even kidding)  we managed to find some magic in the start of our Christmas season and we had some fun!   

Upstairs the kids have a gameroom.  We put a Christmas tree in their especially for them.  Something wasn't quite right about it.  It was calling out for a kid friendly touch, so Kaylee and I made a popcorn garland.  I never thought I would see the day that I would have (or want) a popcorn garland, but it did the trick!  We had so much fun making it and we love how it turned out!

popcorn - 2Popcorn - 1 Popcorn - 5  

                                                                                   Me and Kaylee being crafty!

 Tree - 3

The end result.

Something else fun happened this week.  The kids wrote their letters to Santa, put them in our Christmas mailbox we have sitting by our Christmas tree and then something magical happened...

Mailbox - 2

Mailbox - 3

Santa came for a visit while the kids were sleeping and not only left letters for each of them, but he left small candy canes too!  He put them all over the little mailbox and on the tree!  Isn't that


Tree - 1

Hearing the excitement in the kids voices and seeing it on their face the next morning made my heart melt.  I love the magical feeling that comes with the Christmas season.  Whether it's the awe and amazement of celebrating our Saviors birth or the giddy squeals of joy over Santa, it's just a wonderful time of year.  If having a crazy December is the price I pay for having so much fun and so many reasons to celebrate, then I'll take it any day!


Emily Hansen said...

What are you doing up so late? You know me, your late night friend. I just noticed that you posted within the hour, & it's even one hour later there. Your posts are so elegant. I love your creative ideas. You're making lots of fun and lasting memories at your house!What a great mom you are! I miss you!

Stephanie said...

I feel ya sista!! Stressful time but it sounds like you guys are having a wonderful time. Kala has a mini Barbie tree in her bedroom. As I was reading your blog, I said, "Hey! Where's our Christmas mailbox?" I put it out every year by our front door but since moving and getting married I don't remember where it is. Eric will get to look for it when he comes home from work! You look cute in the pics!!

Beth Curtis said...

wow Krysta, you have really let your self go with the popcorn :)! I love the idea of the letters to Santa! so cute!

Brynne said...

I am also a planner, list-maker, etc. and am SO UNPREPARED this year it is killing me! It is forcing me to simplify though, which is good. It sounds like you have still managed to capture the magic of Christmas at your home and make some great memories with your cute kiddos! Way to go!

Andrea said...

I love that idea. Where did you find the mailbox. I am stealing that idea from you. As if we already didn't have all the same Christmas traditions, now we will have to have one more.
I am glad this season has still been magical. I love the popcorn. It looks great.

Chantri said...

you are such a great mom! I love the letters to and from cute! I love your blog you are so inspiring. This time of year is so crazy and it's easy to feel like things are crazy and out of control... I feel the exact same way on a daily basis. Things will slow down though... For now we just need to enjoy the chaos!

Eileen said...

Enjoy these fun years. Small children really bring the magic into Christmas. Enjoy EVERY moment. You are a good mom!

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