Tuesday, December 9, 2008

{ Happy Birthday... }

To the man in our life who deserves so much more than just a pirate party!  He walked through the door from work tonight carrying the remains from the party his co-workers had for him today.  (Thanks to all of his work friends.  He loved it!)  The kids grabbed the swords, eye patches, and bandana's out of his hands and started to party with dad.  As long as Casey is having fun with his family, he is the happiest, most content person on the planet!  WE LOVE YOU FOR THIS ALONG WITH SO MANY OTHER THINGS!  Thank you for being the best husband and Dad EVER!  We hope you had an awesome birthday.  I myself, can't wait for Saturday to come when you and I get to go out to breakfast all by ourselves (that means: without the kids) and go shopping too.  In this family we celebrate birthdays for at least a week .  It's depressing to  see your special day come and go so fast!

         Check out all the candles in this cake!

Cake - 2

Party - 1Party - 3

              We love you!!!


Eileen said...

Cute pics!!!

Yes, I use my external flash in almost every photo I take. But I'm constantly adjusting it's strength. I love it! I've had it for a couple of years. It adds weight to an already heavy camera, but I'm just too dependant on it. I'm pretty sure I used it in every photo in my last post.

And how do you get or use the Windows live what-ever it is to post?

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Casey!! You really are a great day. I want my birthday to last for a week!!

Kimberlee Adams said...

You guys do the funnest things. I know I say that in every comment but it's so true. Every time I look at your blog, I am always so amazed at your creativity! I'm always telling Josh, "Guess what cute thing the Moes' did?" Seriously, I really do say that a lot. Cute idea for the pirate theme. Casey sounds (and I'm sure is) like the funnest dad and a great husband. Happy Bday Casey!

Beth Curtis said...

Happy Birthday Casey!!! wow, look at all those candles!

Jamie said...

Wow...old man! jk Nate will be 33 this year!:) Cute pics!

Lindsey and Nick said...

Happy Birthday Big guy!! I hope you had an amazing day because you deserve it! It looks like you had a blast!! We love you!

Emily Hansen said...

Happy Birthday Casey. You know Deron would have put on a pirate hat with you if he were a little closer! Did Krysta wear one too? Somehow moms always get left out of photos.

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