Sunday, July 5, 2009

{ 4th of July Weekend }

Me and Kaylee

Happy 4th!  This is always such a fun weekend.  It's one of our favorite holidays.  It's a little crazy at our house with 2 birthdays days away from the 4th ( Kaylee and Drew), but we always have fun.  Our weekend started out with an early birthday celebration for Kaylee (a post of that to come) and then yard projects and more parties with friends. 

The boys tackled this pile of mulch and sand. 

DirtYard Work

One project always leads to another.  A couple of weeks ago, Casey moved our fence out to make our backyard bigger.  We love the extra room, but I was stuck staring at this ugly corner of nothingness, so we decided to make a big sandbox and add some flower beds.  They are such troopers to be out in the middle of the heat and humidity working so hard and not even complaining.  I can barely stand being out there for 5 minutes.  I am so proud of our boys always working with Casey.  There isn't a time that Casey goes outside that the boys don't go with him.  They love working by their daddy's side. 

This is a constant thing at our house, especially while doing yard work!


Kaylee got a snow cone maker for her birthday.  She was busy making LOTS of these this weekend!  We usually make homemade ice cream on the 4th, but this year homemade snow cones did just fine.

Snow Cones copy

We ended our day with a pool party, friends and fireworks.

Kids Our weekend was productive AND fun...just the way the Moes family likes it!

I hope everyone had the best 4th of July!   


Letti said...

Happy Fourth to you too. By looking at these pictures it looks like you had fun. What good workers you have too.

I hope that you are feeling good. Did you come up with a name yet?

Andrea said...

I love the Fourth of July. It looks like yours was great.

Terrys Rock! said...

I love that pic of you and Kaylee, with you in the red tank, it's so cute and such a sweet Krysta smile. It looks like you had so much fun, wish we could have been there.

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