Saturday, September 5, 2009

A New School Year...

We finished up our second week of school today.  Our routine is well underway!  Can I just be selfish and say that I am  L - O - V - I - N - G  it!  I don't usually feel that way about my kids heading back to school, but this time we ALL were ready.  They were excited and ready for academics and friends again and I was ready for...I don't know...peace, quiet, no fighting.  We had a busy and fun summer.  We didn't stop at all really, just like the rest of you, I'm sure.  The last two weeks of summer I felt like my body was going to fall apart.  I was having a ton of contractions that made me practice my breathing, they hurt so bad,  I felt nauseous all the time, and just completely worn out.  I still feel worn out, but my contractions have slowed way down and I'm not feeling nauseous anymore.  I think my body was telling me to stop, but how can you when it's summer time and your kids just want to have fun?  Anyway, so far the school year has been great and has come at the perfect time!

First Day of School 

Kaylee and Jake

Kaylee - Third Grade


Jake - First Grade


Jake got the same first grade teacher that Kaylee had.  That was a really fun surprise, since we didn't do any requests this year, but I couldn't have been more pleased.  We really love her.  She knew Jake a little already from when I would volunteer in Kaylee's classroom.  He would come with me.  I had to remind her that he is the EXACT opposite of his sister.  Mrs. Knapton won't be trying to get him to speak up and ask questions...that's not how Jake does things!

  Drew - Preschool

D - School - 1

Drew started his first year of Preschool this past Thursday.  He's getting too big!  Can we say that he was climbing the walls because he was so excited?!   

D - FenceD- School -  2

My little boy so grown up!  The back pack was the thing that got me.  Seeing him all dressed up and putting his own back pack on. :(  He was a little hesitant any time we would talk about starting school.  In fact the day before his meet the teacher, I asked him if he was excited to start school.  Oh no!  He threw himself on the floor and kicked his legs all over and yelled NO!   I'm so glad they had the kids come in the day before school and meet their teacher and see their classroom.  He was super excited and we are so excited for him too!! 


Tallie Geddes said...

How cute! So grown up and so nice to get back into routine. With a new baby coming it will be nice to have that routine established before her big arrival!

Stephanie said...

I love Kaylee's outfit!! Adorable. Enjoy some quiet time and relax :)

Brynne said...

I felt the exact same way--LOVED having them home, but it was time to get back to the routine and have them head off to school! I love Kaylee's sassy pose and outfit, very cute!

Vanderbeeks Images said...

Your photos are amazing! Love them. I can't believe how grown up your children are already.

Andrea said...

It was time for school for sure. Maybe next year when our bodies are not so worn out from pregnancy we can enjoy it a little more.

The Johnson's said...

The kids are getting so big!! I can't believe how big Drew is! Enjoy the last little bit of your pregnancy and rest!!

thejohnmfamily said...

Drew looks so cute and excited. I can't believe he's already in preschool. How fun!

Lindsey and Nick said...

I don't know why I never saw this post! This kids all look so cute!

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