Sunday, November 1, 2009

HaPpY HaLloWeeN!!

Halloween - 2009

Mom not pictured.  Mom was feeling a little bit overwhelmed from all the festivities.  I was a party pooper and didn't get dressed up. ;(  Am I the only one who thinks Halloween is a crazy, chaotic night?  Fun for kids, TOO busy for moms.  Everything happens all at once.  Dinner, getting kids dressed, setting out the candy, taking pictures, etc.  Every year I tell myself I'm going to start an hour or two earlier, but it never happens.  The kids had tons of fun though and Ady and I stayed home and passed out the candy.  At least she looked cute all dressed up!  I have to say that I love my husband.  He loves Halloween just as much as the kids do and ALWYAS gets dressed up with them.  This is his night to have an excuse to be a kid again.

Adyson's First Halloween 

AdyLeg Warmers  Bootiful - 1 

Costume hand made by my most creative friend ever - Andrea - Onesie, bracelet, flower, tu-tu and leg warmers.  Isn't it the cutest thing you've ever seen?!?  Thanks friend!


Brynne said...

Those are the cutest little leg warmers I've ever seen!

Stephanie said...

All the kids (& hubby) look great! I love their costumes.

Andrea said...

Adorable. She looks so cute in her little costume.

You will have to read my post about Halloween. It sounds like we were having the same problem.

Lindsey and Nick said...

That looks like so much fun!! I'm with you on Halloween... I'm not a huge fan and I don't even have babies to dress up yet!!! Hopefully it will change for me next year! Everyone looked so cute all dressed up! I love Adyson's outfit... Andrea did such a great job!!

Beth Curtis said...

oh I just want to kiss her cheeks! The kids look adorable and Casey cracks me up! I am glad that the boys finally got to wear their masks:)

Tallie Geddes said...

Too cute! Jessa had the same costume - great minds think alike!

Jamie said...

CUTE... SOOOO CUTE! LOVE all the costumes!

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