Thursday, January 21, 2010

3 Months and 1 Week

Sometimes I feel like we just brought her home from the hospital and other times I feel like she’s been in our home forever.  Because this little lady is growing  so fast, I am making it a point to jot down random things as they come.  Who knows when I will get around to scrapbooking so this is me trying keeping up.   


* Ady falls asleep to music.  Always the same C.D.  She has two favorite blankies.  She can’t decide if she would rather fall asleep sucking on her blanket (like Drew does) or sucking on a binkie.  Either way she usually falls asleep with her blanket over her face.  I like when my babies get attached to something.  It makes life easier for me.

* She is still nursing and most of the time she is content with that.  Sometimes she gets into a habit of snacking instead of really eating and that drives me a little crazy.  She is doing this funny thing where she pulls off while eating and smiles at me.  It happens every 3 seconds or so.  That’s when I know the little angel is snacking.  Drew thinks this is quite funny.  It’s annoying, but I can’t help but laugh when she smiles at me.

* She could stare in my eyes all day long.  It makes my heart melt and I will stop whatever it is I’m doing to let her stare away.  


* She smiles a lot.  The kids each have their own way of making her smile for them.  Today Drew even got a laugh!

* She is getting more and more content, but still isn’t completely predictable. 

* She falls asleep on her own most of the time.  I just about jumped for joy when this happened.  I think I made at least 3 phone calls to share the joy!

* She has fallen asleep in the middle of the floor twice now, waiting for me to take Drew to preschool. 

* She gets woken up from her naps a lot because we have to go somewhere…hmmmmm, maybe that’s why she isn’t very predictable yet!


* She has had two colds, a double ear infection and thrush.

* She’s been on an airplane.

* She is content to lay on the floor and watch T.V. with her siblings.  I lay her the floor by them so she has company, not thinking she even cares about the T.V. but she loves to look at it.  I think I’m in trouble.

All the Frills - 1 

* She started rolling over from stomach to back a little before she turned 3 months old.

* She had her first cereal last night.  She still needs that 11:30 feeding, so my dr. said to give it a try.  Hopefully it works some magic! 

Ady tutu

* She lets me get her all dressed up and take pictures.  Look how trained she is already!  Can you say I’m a little obsessed with taking pictures of her???

Here is the little lady in action.  This is dedicated to grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles who live far away.  Poor us…

Ady rolling over.

Ady’s first cereal.   This one is a good laugh.  I was outside doing a quick haircut.  Ady was ready for bed, so I asked Casey to feed it to her and video it for me so I didn’t miss the big first.  My husband is very good at multitasking…that’s partially why it’s so funny.  The beeping in the background is our oven.  Don’t worry, we ignore our oven ALL the time!  Oh and if you’re sensitive to gagging…don’t watch this video. :) 


Beth Curtis said...

oh i love those pictures. How can you not take a ton of pics with such a beautiful babe? The feeding video cracks me up. What a good dad.

Jamie said...

Oh my gosh Krysta. I can't handle your blog...WAY TOO CUTE! Your pictures are so good! You are so talented at everything you do!

Kellogg said...

She looks like Kaylee! Looks like your keeping up just fine of course.

Brynne said...

I am impressed with how she rolled over right on cue! She is growing up so fast, I loved the videos!

Amelia said...

Loved all your latest posts. Miss ya tons.

Terrys Rock! said...

Little Miss Ady is so precious! That pulling off when they nurse does make the mommy a little crazy, but it's so sweet like you said. It's so true about how when babies have older siblings their little lives just as structured. It makes them adaptable, even if the unpredictability is hard sometimes. I miss you and can't wait for our girl trip! I thinkwe need one every 6 months or so!

Andrea said...

She is so cute. I love having her here to snuggle and hold. ...and seeing her cute smiling face.

Letti said...

Its post like these that make me love reading your blog. I can't believe how fast our little girls are growing up. Keep on taking pictures I love looking at your sweet family.

Anthony said...

Oh she is so stinkin' cute! I love your photography too. You're so talented ... I wish I could steal some of your gifts! Hope you guys has fun in Arkansas!

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