Monday, January 18, 2010

Moes Family Theme { 2010 }

Every January  I make personal goals and New Years Resolutions, just like everyone else.  When I was pondering about what they should be this year, I reflected on 2009.  Last year was a rough year for me with being pregnant and having a newborn.  I didn’t feel like myself most of the time.  I can be pretty beastly while pregnant and I feel completely overwhelmed after the sweet little gift from heaven makes it into our home.  I felt like a lot of normal, every day things that made life good in our home were sacrificed because I wasn’t at my best.  I knew once the pregnancy was over and we got all settled in again with life after baby, it wouldn’t feel like a sacrifice at all.  I look at Ady over 100 times a day and can’t keep my eyes off of her or stop myself from kissing all over her.  I can’t imagine our family with out her.  2009 was a sacrifice that has made our family better.  I feel like we are starting over with a lot of things and that is probably because we really are starting over with a lot of things.  So my resolutions are pretty simple and basic this year.  They are focusing on the basic things that lacked in my everyday routine and my spirituality last year, even back to the basics of spending time with friends again and putting myself out there with life. 

Basics such as;  cooking and making treats, praying, having quality Family Home Evenings, scripture study, enjoying time with my family and being a good wife and mother, loving my hobbies, being a good visiting teacher and friend.  Basically the foundation of who I am and who my family is.  Those foundations were starting to crack…just a little.  

I decided to enlist my family to help make me a stronger person and to get our family back to where we once were.  I came up with a family theme for 2010.  Here it is:    

Dad's Mouse Pad

It is very simple and basic, but that’s the way we need things these days.  If I can remember to slow down a little and spend time doing the things I love and the things I know I need to be doing, than my family and I will progress the way we need to.  My goal is  for us to have fun with whatever it is we are doing and to journal our memories along the way.  I have already seen the blessings from this simple family theme of ours; I have felt  more patience, more laughter, more listening and understanding.  I made this picture into a mouse pad and I have this phrase hanging on my refrigerator.  When my days get crazy and out of control.  When I feel like I have accomplished absolutely nothing.  I am reminded that if I spend time with those I love, make some kind of memory and have fun then I did accomplish something.  There will always be laundry and bills to pay and counters to wipe off, but there isn’t going to be an 8 year old, 7 year old, 4 year old and a baby in my home forever.  I need to appreciate my life for the season it’s in at the moment.  


Casey Moes said...


The Faridoni Fam said...

I soooo needed to hear that message. Thanks :)

Andrea said...

I love that. I love the thought of just getting back to the basics.

Our family is in need of that too.

Your a great example of setting goals.

Beth Curtis said...

I love this post. Your theme is perfect. What an adorable pic of the kiddos!

Lindsey said...

I love that post!! You made me want to set our own family goals this year!! You are an amazing mom and wife and better yet a sister!! Thanks for being an example to me!

Tallie Geddes said...

Way to put into perspective what really matters! Happiness really is found in the simple things!

Tiffiny said...

I'm not one for resolutions but I know the feeling of being "pretty beastly" while pregnant. I'm in that beastly stage right now ;)
The theme is a great idea. Good luck in 2010! Everyday can be a new, clean slate.

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