Friday, January 15, 2010

Today was his day…

Sundae - 1 copy

Jake turned 7 today.


We let him choose where he wanted to go to dinner tonight.  Of course he chose Johnny Rockets, this 50’s hamburger diner where they sing and dance for you. 


He was actually shy while they sang happy birthday to him.  It was cute.  

His never ending silliness is pretty cute too!

Silly - 1

Silly - 2

Today was his day.  He:

* Had breakfast of his choice.  Coffee Cake.

* Opened presents, very first thing.  Like it was Christmas morning all over again.

* Just happened to not have any school today.  Lucky for him.

* Ate Cold Stone for lunch.

* Played the Wii without any restriction (mom didn’t nag at him to turn it off)

* Had a yummy dinner that included a hot fudge sundae afterwards.

* Went to the store to pick out his own cake, ice cream and balloons.

* Had a banana split before going to bed.

* Stayed up late and had a movie night.

* Is currently having a sleep over with siblings on the family room floor.  This is becoming a weekend favorite of theirs.

We had ice cream overload today, so we are saving his cake and ice cream for tomorrow.  He is looking forward to blowing out his candles and going ice skating.  We like to celebrate for longer than one day at our house. :)  I think he fell asleep a happy boy tonight!


Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Jake!!! Now, that sounds like the best birthday ever!! What a fun day/weekend for him! I think I'm going to come to your house for my birthday and allow you to spoil me!! Love you guys!!

Beth Curtis said...

Happy Birthday Jake! We love you! I can't believe he is 7! I love all those pictures you took. They are SO Jake!

Andrea said...

Seven Wow!! I say this every year but I remember when he was born.

Don't you love making birthdays special. It is such a right of passage as a mother.

You are a great mother.

Tallie Geddes said...

I can't believe he is 7 - have you been gone that long! Happy Birthday! Sounds like a perfect day - I'm coming to your house for my birthday!

Stephanie said...

Wow-great b-day celebration! Our Johnny Rockets went out of business :( Happy B-day to Jake

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