Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Valentine’s

Yesterday, Drew and I spent time making Valentine’s for his preschool party today.

He worked really hard.

  V - Day

I traced the hearts for him onto the cardstalk and he, ever so patiently, cut the hearts out with decorative scissors of his choosing. 

He even helped me run them through the printer.

V - Day - 1

Then he chose the color of Starburst to attach, while I taped them on.  He went the extra mile with the crayons.  Everything has to have crayons!


He was pretty happy about the outcome and enjoyed a wonderful party at school today.

Happy Valentine’s!




Beth Curtis said...

so cute. I love that little face in the last one.

Jamie said...

Adorable! Nice work!

Brynne said...

So cute! What a fun Mom you are helping him with such cool valentine's!

Letti said...

Those are adorable. I love the crayons.

Stephanie said...

Those valentines are so cute.

Casey Moes said...

Missing you all: I love you. The last picture is great.

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