Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A little rearranging {Kaylee’s room}

Kaylee was feeling left out and neglected.  She watched her brothers move into the same room and rearrange all of the furniture.  Then she watched us put a nursery together for Ady, all the while saying, “Mom, I really want to put my bed at an angle and can I get a new lamp?” To which my reply was the typical, “Not right now.  Maybe later.” 

Finally, a couple of weekends ago, she got what she wanted.  I had been wanting to move a table out of my room and put it in hers for a long time, but I knew I would be stuck with this big empty hole and I didn’t know how much it would bother me.  I really wanted to start tackling my bedroom, so I took the plunge.  Kaylee was at a friends house one Saturday, so Casey and I decided to surprise her.  She came home to her furniture moved all over the room, just like she wanted.  When she got home she helped us clean out all of her toys and organize drawers and her closet.  Then her and I had a late night shopping.  There was no budget for this, so we had to make do with what we had for the most part.  We bought a new lamp, some picture frames, baskets, a pillow and a vinyl lettering quote.

I wish I had taken some before pictures, but I forgot.  Here is the after:  

Bed at an angle as you walk in the room.  (Kaylee’s idea)


K - Bed 1

As I was taking these pictures the other day, I was thinking about the furniture in her room.  For the most part there is some sort of meaning or story to them.  I don’t think I have bought any pieces of furniture in her room and that’s how I like it!  For example, her bed frame was my Grandma’s. 

Grandma’s Bed

DSC_0040 copy

I inherited it after she passed away.  I love this bed.  Kaylee loves it too and appreciates the special meaning behind it.  She always tells her friends, “That was my mom’s grandma’s bed.”



Until recently, this was the home for her Barbie’s and accessories.  She has decided that she is too old for them now.  It makes me sad that she thinks she’s too old for toys.  They are in a bin in her closet now, just in case she wants to play with them.  We made this a little more grown up with baskets and picture frames. (Don’t look at all of the empty picture frames.  That’s next on my to - do list.)   Casey made this bookshelf for her several years ago. 



This hasn’t always been Kaylee’s nightstand.  This used to be my mom’s and she gave it to me.  It has been painted many different colors and has been used in many different rooms.

Desk Area  


This is the table and chair I moved from our room into Kaylee’s.  It’s a perfect fit in here.  This was given to me by my Aunt Barbara.  I love the shabby chic look of it.  I’m glad I finally found it a perfect home.  Kaylee absolutely adores it.  I think this is her favorite thing in her room. 



I love the mirror above the table.  Then it could either be a vanity or a desk.  My Aunt Barbara also gave me this mirror, years and years ago.  Before I was even married!  Casey made the white picture frame.


Glass Knob

No story here.  This is just me adding my little touch.  I’m all about the glass knobs these days and I love how it looks with the shabby chic.


We sort of went with the dream theme.  Kalyee and I found this pillow while we were shopping so we had to get it.  It softens the look of the chair too. 

This is above her bookshelf.  That’s the vinyl quote we got.   I love vinyl quotes!  They are so fun.





This dresser used to be an ugly brown color. I stole it from my brother years ago.  He was living with us and then moved out and I just happened to convince him that he didn’t really need it anymore.  A couple coats of paint, some sanding to distress it and fun hardware makes it all Kaylee’s!  There are a couple of empty drawers  if anyone wants to come visit. ;)

It makes me feel happy and warm when I can step into one of our rooms and feel connected to other people by the stories behind my furniture.  It also makes me happy that Kaylee knows the stories in her room and that she can be overheard telling her friends all about them. 

Just for my remembrance:  Kaylee helped me decorate the ENTIRE room.  If she didn’t like something somewhere then we didn’t put it there.  Luckily, we both have the same taste and can see things the same way.  After we were all done, she could hardly wait to show her friends, so they came over.  I was in the other room and could hear them tell her how creative she was.  Then she modestly said, “I get it from my mom.”  That made me step back about 20 years.  I could hear myself saying those same words to my friends growing up, “I get it from my mom.”  I can’t believe that I am old enough to see the full circle!! 


Letti said...

I love her room. You are such a great decorator. I am not looking forward to the day that my girls are too old for dolls.

Andrea said...

You are so cute. I love that post. I like that you turned it in to memories.

Her room looks great too. I love all the new little touches.

Alison said...

Darling, darling! What a perfect room for a sweet girl!

Lindsey and Nick said...

It's adorable!!! I love that Kaylee helped with everything... what are we doing to our children??? It turned out adorable and I'm glad you and Kaylee had fun doing it!!

Brynne said...

You are such a gifted decorator! Kudos to your Mom, where it all began :)

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