Friday, February 26, 2010


We used to have Superman living with us.  Now we have a Ninja Turtle/Darth Vador/ Batman. His very own creation.


Kaylee and Jake thought I lost my mind. 

Jake: “Mom, you know we are going inside the store.”

Kaylee: “ He is not going like that to the Open House tonight!” 

Yes, I knew we were going inside the store and no, he did not go like that to the school open house, but he did go like this to Sam’s Club and I really didn’t care.  I was on a mission and in my project mode.  I had Enrichment on my mind and this awesome frame we were going to make and I really needed my pictures…now.  So lucky for Drew I did not fight that battle.  I thought it was hilarious and refreshing instead.  Don’t you sometimes wish you could be a kid again and not have a care in the world?

I do. 

Yesterday we both won.  He was happy in his costume and I was happy to get my pictures.

The End.


Beth Curtis said...

that is AWESOME! I am glad that you let him go in like that. Trust me, I think everyone in Sams Club enjoyed it. Yesterday I went into Safeway and Beck had his sunglasses on and you would be surprised how many people stopped and talked to me about them. For just sunglasses! I can only imagine what kind of comments the Super Hero would get.

Andrea said...

You are a good mom. My kids especially Stella have gone out all dressed up. Not quite as elaborate as Drew, but out in costume.

The Johnson's said...

I'm sure everyone that saw Drew dressed up thought--he has a great mom who lets him be a kid!! If we could all remember and do that a little more often our kids would be more blessed!! Thanks for sharing!

Brynne said...

I agree with "the Johnson's!" And I love Jake's comment! :) You are a great Mom Krysta!

Letti said...

ha ha I always think about what people will think if I took my kids out like that but the funny thing is I don't care when I see other kids out like that. I think he looks so cute in his costume. So I am curious what project you made.

Jamie said...

ADORABLE! I love when I see kids dressed up like that running errands! You only get to be a kid once, right?!! Your baby is gorgeous! I love those pictures!

Stephanie said...

I would love to wear fun outfits like that! That is the greatest combo ever.

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