Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Does this look like fun?



hmmmm…in my eyes, NO!  In Drew’s eyes, Yes.

I was doing the laundry today and blogging.  You know…minding my own business. 

Drew said, “I’m going to make a snow angel.”  I said, “OK.”

He was quiet, playing for a long time.  I was still minding my own business.  Just like he was.

He goes outside and gets a shovel from the sandbox.  He brings it inside the house.  I tell him to go wash it off in the sink.  Gasp!!  Normally I wouldn’t even let it come close to my back door.   You know, since outside toys are outside toys.  But today, I’m minding my own business.  Oh yeah, and so is he. 

Who knows how much time had passed by, but I eventually walked through the living room to find his beautiful snow angel.


Why does he look mad at me

This picture doesn’t even do justice.  This was only half the mess.  Notice that the jar is halfway full?  It was pretty much empty when I found him.  I will give him credit though.  He was doing a nice job cleaning it up with the shovel from the sandbox.  I had plenty of time to think while I was helping him clean up this tedious mess.  After a while, I decided to get my camera and document.  This was an annoying thing, not really any fun, but this is our life.  As annoying as it is sometimes.  Especially considering I spent Ady’s naptime cleaning it all up.  Which happened to be a good thing.  She is get much more mobile and Drew is always playing right by her.  It would have been bad, bad, bad if she was around during this. 

This little toy from Ikea has been hours of entertainment for my kids, so I salvaged most of them.  Eventually I said to heck with these little creatures.  The rest of them are now living in my vacuum.  Because I was done.

And then I had an ice cold Coke.  Because that makes everything better!


Beth Curtis said...

Oh my goodness! Just looking at that stresses me out. I am glad that you documented this. Coke really does make everything better.

Andrea said...

Good for you on the coke. I would have had two. I am glad you documented it. I think I would have FREAKED!!

Letti said...

you handled it so well. I don't think I could have been so The pictures are great though.

Brynne said...

That is too funny! What a creative little guy--too warm for a real snow angel there, so it's only natural to make one out of perler beads in the middle of your living room?! My kids love those too, but mostly sorting and creating with them--I don't think I'll share the snow angel idea with them :)

Lindsey Jensen said...

I am laughing so hard!!! But the fact that you could see the humor in it and take a picture is awesome!!! I would have done the same thing with a Dr. Pepper but I probably would have had more then one!

Amelia said...

Glad to know you have Coke and that my house isn't the only place things like that happen.

thejohnmfamily said...

Ohh, that's so awful. I hate small things like beads. They get everywhere and you find them for weeks.

Stephanie said...

That does look like a lot of fun!! (for Drew)

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