Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring at the Moes Home

It’s feeling like Spring around here.  The weather is beautiful and the grass is green.  A couple of weeks ago the kids planted flower seeds.  

Seeds - 1

They have been tending to them; making sure they have enough water and watching for them to sprout.

Seeds - 2

They were excited to see a little bit of green growth.  Once they are big enough starts, we are going to plant these in the kids flower bed, next to the sandbox.  They can continue to take care of them and hopefully have some pretty flowers to cut and bring inside the house.  The boys love to do this.

We spent Saturday outside in the yard, or I should say Casey and the boys did.  I spent Saturday running errands and shopping for flowers.  We planted flowers in the beds and filled 3 pots like this one.


I love this time of year.  The new growth and color make me happy.  We are usually able to have flowers all year long here in Texas, but this Winter was a long hard one (by Texas standards) so it’s nice to have color in my pots again.  Now all I need is a new wreath for my front door and some finishing touches in the backyard and we are set.  I’m working on the wreath.

As for the inside…  I think I have mentioned before that I don’t really love decorating for the holidays.  Well, I LOVE Halloween, Fall and Christmas decor, but I don’t really do too much besides that.  I don’t like having to switch things around all the time and I would rather be spending time and money on things that I am going to enjoy in my house all year long.  BUT, I will admit I have been banner envious for awhile.  I decided that it would be time well spent to have a little something fun and Springy in my family room.  So I made a banner for my mantle and I absolutely LOVE it!


Banner - 1 

It’s scrapbook paper and painted chipboard letters attached to burlap.

Banner - 2      Mantle

It was just the look I wanted.  Simple but springy.

Hopefully I can get my wreath made in the next day or two.  I will share it when I do.

Happy Spring!!!


Lindsey Jensen said...

Love the flowers!!! I'm ready to start planting flowers too!! Well in pots anyways!

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