Monday, April 26, 2010

A set back and a question…

Have you ever heard of Plantar Fasciitis?  I hadn’t until the end of last week.  I started complaining to anyone with ears about how badly the heal of my foot was hurting.  Every single one of them unanimously said, “I bet you have Plantar Fasciitis.”  Ahhhhhh…Planter what???  I still have to ask Casey, “What’s that foot thing I have,”  when I’m explaining it to someone.  Now that I have typed it up, I don’t think I will forget.  That’s how I learn. 

Anyway, early last week my foot started hurting.  That tired kind of hurt after you’ve walked on hard wood or tile barefoot all day.  I get that a lot, so I didn’t think much about it.  But then it didn’t go away, even after I put socks on or my slippers.  It gradually kept getting worse and worse.  By Thursday evening I could barely walk on it and by Friday morning I was in tears with every little step, hoping for any kind of medicine, thinking that a wheel chair and crutches sounded pretty awesome.  That’s when I heard about Plantar Fasciitis.  (Click and get the details if you want.)  The sad thing is it doesn’t go away quickly.  I could have this for years.  There is no easy treatment.  Darn it!!  Can I cry now?

 So these are my new favorite necessities in life:  

Favorite Necessities

Doesn’t that look depressing?  Can I just say…aging sucks! I’m sure this doesn’t have anything to do with my age, but I feel like it does.  I am on a good rotation with Advil and Tylenol.  Tennis shoes are my shoe of choice these days (yuck, yuck, yuck!!!) I love my shoe insert and rolling my foot on ice is Heavenly.  These things have helped a lot.  I’m not in tears anymore and I have given up on my pity party, although I move like a turtle and that drives me crazy!  Slowness and me are not friends. at.all.

But I have reluctantly learned to be friends with this turtle side of me.  There is a lesson in everything.  Right now my lesson has been to see the blessings from slowing down a little.  I have had to let things in my house go (I swear, that is a never ending lesson for me).  Instead, I have enjoyed sitting on the couch more, as hard as it may be.  That has opened my lap up to my children more with some genuine get to know you talks.  I have been able to see the nurturing side of my children while  I hear my name in their prayers.  I see how much quicker they move to help me around the house.  It has also freed up a little time for me to tackle some reading that I have been wanting to do for awhile.  All in all, I think I can cope.  It could always be worse.        

On a different note, my children had a Primary Activity last Saturday.  They brought me home early Mothers Day gifts.




Aren’t they cute?  I love how the boys made me flowers.  I can just picture my boys doing a flowery craft.  Makes me smile.   Kaylee chose to write about me.  She knows me so well!  I love getting gifts like these from them. 

So here is my question…What do you give the Mothers in  your life for Mothers Day?  Do you have to put something in the mail or do they live by you?  I have to put them in the mail and my creative brain isn’t working right now.  I’m starting to run out of time.  Help!  Do you have an suggestions?

P.S.  Ady pulled herself up today.  She was sitting on the floor in front of the ottoman and all of the sudden I saw her little face pop up over the top.  She was after a piece of paper.  She stood there for a long time.  That girl is growing up way too fast!


Stephanie said...

Sorry about your foot! I had that a few months ago, ouch! I would roll my foot over a tennis ball or golf ball and thought that helped quite a bit. Good luck! And try to enjoy the down time:)

Melissa said...

Oooo, plantar fasciitis, I have that and have flare ups every once in a while. The exercises (stretching) help but you're right, there is no quick fix. The good news is that it will just disappear one day just as quickly as it hit you. I was always a barefoot girl, not anymore! If I go barefoot a lot or wear really flat shoes (sandals) it comes back. I also bought a pair of $16.00 socks at a sporting goods store that helps me a lot. It has a real tight cinch in the arch and helps pull up on your foot. I wear those with my tennis shoes all the time. Hang in there, it will get better, but it sure hurts like the devil!

Andrea said...

You poor thing. I hope that Jonathan can help you when we come. I am glad you are enjoying slowing down some.

I am right there with you on Mother's day. We need help!!

Beth Curtis said...

oh man, I remember a 4th grade teacher growing up ( Mrs,. Forbes) who maybe had the same thing as you. She would wear dresses to school with tennis shoes I hope I don't see you wearing tennis shoes to church soon.
p.s. I died laughing when I saw that Kaylee thinks the funniest thing you do is dance. I thought you were pretty good but with this new foot problem she might be right.

kanishk said...

Good luck! And try to enjoy the down time:)
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