Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring and Summer Wreath


When I saw this wreath while reading blogs a couple of weeks ago, I knew I HAD to make it.  I had been keeping my eye out for a Spring/Summer wreath for over a month with no luck.  This was exactly what I was looking for with out really knowing what I was looking for. Ha, ha!  One of those, “you’ll know it when you see it”  kind of things.  Well, I knew I wanted this wreath on my front door.  So bad that it crept all the way to the top of my list!  That’s sayin’ somethin’.  I found it on Just a Girls Show and Share DayUncommon linked up to her party.  She has the link to the tutorial on her blog.  Check it out if you want all nitty gritty details.

It’s made out of baby lima beans.  It took me almost 3 full bags.  I wasn’t going to do the backside and then remembered I had a glass door.  Grrrrr…dang glass door!  I hot glued on every single lima bean.  Can you believe I did that?  I think I lost my mind!  It took a looooong time to get it done.  I left it sitting out in my kitchen for a good 3 days and worked on it in 1/2 hour amounts of time, sometimes an hour.  One night I got caught up on my DVR’d shows while working on it.  My kids and husband even joined in!  It was like putting together a puzzle and felt a little therapeutic.  I wish I hadn’t been quite as messy with the hot glue and a little more precise with laying out the beans, but I still love how it turned out.  And…it only cost me about $8.00 to make! 

Wreath - 2 

Do you love it as much as I do?  I check the mail more often these days, just cause I want to take a peak at my wreath. :)


Kimberly said...

very cute! great job!

Stephanie said...

Love it. If I had a moment of time or an ounce of creativity, I would try it! Sadly, I have neither :( I wish I could hire you to decorate my house.

Beth Curtis said...

I LOVE it! It is a very clean look. I don't know if I have the patience to make it :)

Kimberlee said...

I've been looking over your whole blog and my goodness woman, you have got to be one of the most creative people I know. The sheer about of things you have made or created and they look amazing! You should be in charge of Enrichment or something for people who don't have a creative bone in their body (like me). You should teach a class! Wow!!!

Andrea said...

wow That looks so cute yet so tedious. I am amazed. You really worked hard on that one. I still need a spring wreath, but I don't have the energy for that one. Yet so cute, what to do what to do. I think I will buy one. Maybe... if I get to it.

Miss you.

Tallie Geddes said...

Are you kidding me - three bags of beans - hot glued - call me next time I'll buy you a wreath! It is pretty cute though!

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