Friday, July 30, 2010

Another Month Older…

Ady 9 months old

Ady is 9 months old but at this point, closer to 10.  I have procrastinated once again.  These photos have been sitting on my computer for a couple of weeks now, waiting for the journaling.  I have had a  mental block for some reason.  Sometimes I feel like I can’t find the words to express how I feel about her and all that she learns from one month to the next.  I am going to be so grateful for these monthly posts/letters/tid-bits of info. when it comes time to put together her baby book.  How easily I forget the details!     

Ady - 5 Blog

These feet have started taking steps.  She will take about 5 steps at a time.  Depending on what kind of mood she is in.  She walks the most when we hold her blanket in front of her and walk backwards.   She will do anything for her blankey.  Most recently she has started to stand up all by herself in the middle of the floor.  That means I will have a walker on my hands in no time.  (not sure how I feel about that) 

Ady - 2123 Blog

Have I mentioned how beautiful she is …and sweet?  I have the right to be biased don’t I?  I remember when she was an infant and I wished that she would enjoy cuddling more.  She would cuddle, but I wouldn’t have described her as a cuddler.  She was too busy for that from day one.  I enjoy many cuddles from her now.  We cuddle when she wants to and its always at the same time.  In the morning we lay in my bed and cuddle while I nurse her.  Afterwards she lays by me with her blanket and I rub her back.  (This is one of my favorite times of  day) Then when it’s nap time she always lets me snuggle with her and sing to her.  At those times she will let me hold her for as long as I want to and doesn’t try to squirm out of my arms.  When she wakes up from her naps whoever gets her out of bed sings her a cute song. (it’s always the same one) She smiles and starts jumping up and down in her crib as soon as she hears it.  When I nurse her throughout the day she won’t let me do anything else during that time.  No reading, no phone, no playing with the remote – NOTHING.  She has let me know that that is our time.  I guess by being #4, she knows how to fight for what is hers.   

Ady - 31 Blog 

She jibber-jabbers in baby talk sentences.  Some of the words she says are mama, dada, night-night and hi.  She gives high-fives and waves hi and bye.  She loves to smile and always smiles when you smile at her.  One of her favorite things to do is click her tongue.  It is the cutest thing.  We’ll click our tongue at her and she will click right back.  She loves food and has a blueberry pancake every morning for breakfast.  She eats so much at meal times.  I don’t know where she puts it all because she is so tiny.    

She makes me happy.  I love having this little person that goes everywhere with me.  When she isn’t with me, I miss her.  I love nap time and bed time, but by the time I go to bed I am excited to see her cute little face and hear her jibber- jabber in the morning.  I love being greeted by her contagious smile each and every morning.

Ady, you make our house a better place to be!


Beth Curtis said...

oh I love that little miss. I feel like I know her so much better in just those few days I was able to spend with her. She seriously is gorgeous ( but you already knew that:). She really does smile back at everyone. I LOVE that. I always feel like Beck is being rude when he doesn't! I Love you Ady!

your fave Aunt ( you will see),

Andrea said...

Your words captured her so well. I love everything you wrote about her, and you will be so happy to have all of that in words.

I love the photos. What a fun place to take pictures.

Lindsey Jensen said...

I can't believe how fast the time goes by with these babies!! They are so close to 1 it's crazy!! I loved being able to get to know her better while you were here. She is such a sweet and beautiful baby!! Love her!!

Letti said...

What a sweet baby you have. They do grow up too fast. I love the song on your blog too.

Paige said...

Darling posts... I love the limes!!! uugg to die for cute pics of Ady. And the 100 birthday, I would've never even thought to add up all their ages, that was so stinking cute. Looks like you guys are really traveling a lot and staying close with family. That is so wonderful. after Years of traveling from east coast to west I think I got very burned out of it. We're spoiled that our furthest drives are usually only a couple of hours now! So glad life is so good for you!!

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