Tuesday, July 27, 2010

{ Project 365 }


Day  43

A Trip of Stories – Spending a day with my dad on his old stomping grounds. We visited the town that my mom and dad grew up in; a teeny, tiny town that you probably wouldn’t even notice as you drove through. Safford, Arizona.  The place that as a child I spent many, many summers making memories at my grandparents house (which they don’t live in anymore and doesn’t look even close to the same home).  My dad spent lots of his time in the cotton fields.  I will remember this trip as the “Story Trip”.  My dad and I told stories the whole drive home.  The kids LOVED it and couldn’t get enough of it.  It was really cute that they were sincerely interested in all of our old memories. 

Day 44

Girls Day Out – What more do I have to say! :)

Day 45

Late Nights – are the best!  I am a night owl as it is, but I loved sharing my late nights with my sister in law Beth while at my parents house.  We talked all things computer related; photography, blogs, photoshop.  Of course we girl talked and laughed until the early morning hours.  That just comes with the territory!  I felt like I was back in time at one of my late night scrapbook outings; talking about anything and everything while working on something I love.  It was sooooo much fun!  I am declaring that the girls on my side of the family (including you, mom) need to have an outing once a year.

Day 46

My New Love –  The iphone.  I know it sounds pathetic.  If you have one – you know how I feel.  This baby goes everywhere with me and I wonder how I functioned with out it before!  Thank you to my husband who totally spoils me.  It’s only because of him that I even have one. :)  

Day 47

Obsessed – Please don’t judge us.  This is NOT the best photo of me or Beth, but this is how we roll every now and then – for the name of photos that is.  We think in photos and talk in photos, we are obsessed and love it!  We did a cousin photo shoot and had to get out of the house in a hurry.  No time for makeup or anything else.  We were melting away in the Arizona heat and stopped to cool off at McDonalds afterwards.  We sat here while the kids played and enjoyed a little recap.  It was worth it! 

Day 48

On the road again – We had so much fun on our trip, I honestly wouldn’t say we were ready to leave.  It was a little bitter sweet (for me anyway) to see the Texas sign, but this is home!  

Day 49

Do you see what I see??? -  Junk or Treasures?  I would have to say treasures all the way!  On our way home we went through this cute little town called Fredericksburg.  Casey was kind enough to stop for me.  You already know I was in Heaven!  The question is - who wants a girls trip? ( I have another post planned just about Fredericksburg, stay tuned).


Beth Curtis said...

hahaha that makes me smile thinking of the memories we shared together. Ok, as much as I look SO crusty, that is a great candid shot Casey got of us. The ways we will go out looking like for photos! Ok I am now totally DYING to go to Fredericksburg. I might have to make a stop there on the way back from Houston when Jake gets baptized. I can't wait for more posts on that stop. I hope you got some treasures!

Stephanie said...

I LOVE your iPhone cover and I'm so glad we are buddies on it now!!

Mark and Adrian said...

Your blog is so fun. I peak in on your friend Andrea's sometimes too. You both are amazing. I like how happy and upbeat you always are. Thanks Krysta.

Andrea said...

I can't wait to hear about Fredricksburg. I always look forward to this post from you. Can't wait for me.

I think we need to take a trip back to that shop. I am envious.

Debbie said...

Your Mom and I have fond memories of Fredricksburg!! We spent many times there SHOPPING!! Our favorite place to go!
Love looking at your Blog!

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