Thursday, July 22, 2010

A very late Happy BiRtHdAy.

Drew had a birthday almost 2 weeks ago.  He turned 5 years old.  We had just arrived in Arizona late Thursday night and his birthday was Friday, so we kind of winged the day. 

He woke up to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

Breakfast -1

     I think he was pleased with that.

           After breakfast we headed out to a local train depot.   

Train Depot - 1

      Drew loves trains.

It was our first day there, so we were all prepared to brave the Arizona heat, since we are from Houston and all.  Ha, ha, ha!  After getting to the train depot we found out they close during the summer months.  We thought that was dumb at first and then after a whole 20 minutes we realized why. Only crazy people go out in the summer months. :)  We made the most of it.  We were able to go on a train ride for kids and tour around the outside of a couple of trains.  At least we could say we attempted a fun birthday outing!

Once we got home Drew tore into his presents.  He didn’t even wait for us to find a seat and get comfy.  It was like now or never in his little 5 year old mind.    


Presents - 2

     He was a happy boy.

I think I’ve mentioned before that it is a tradition to celebrate birthdays for at least a week.  We were able to do this the next day.  Uncle Bubby and Aunt Beth came from Tucson to celebrate with us on Bubby’s birthday.  We have four birthdays on my side of the family within ten days of each other.

100 Birthday Crew

         The big 100.

        Here is the birthday crew.


Left to right: my mom, Kaylee, Drew and my brother Bubby (really it’s Brandon but Kaylee has called him Bubby ever since she could talk.  It has stuck.  We love Bubby.)

It was fun to be altogether and share each others special day!


Andrea said...

Great pictures. I love that someone figured out that it added up to 100. That is so neat.

I am sure it was so fun to celebrate all together.

Hey, I still call him bubby.

Krysta said...

Thank you! That was my personal addition to the bday cake. It was the least I could do. ;)

Beth Curtis said...

Happy Birthday Drew!! You know I adore that first pic. It is just perfect. I am sure your mother appreciates you posting her age :)

Lindsey Jensen said...

Happy Birthday Drew!! I'm glad we got to celebrate everyones bday together!! Miss you guys!!

Eileen said...

Your photos are all so dreamy. As is your life!

Miss Sew & So said...

omg - i love that all the people that surround you are having a bday this yr that makes 100! that is seriously special....
and how lovely & super young does your gorgeous mama look!!
happy bday to all...
melissa xx

Stephanie said...

Oh yummy-Krispy Kreme! Very cute pics

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