Sunday, August 1, 2010

From the lens of my iphone.



A couple of days ago the kids and I set out for a trip to the park.  I purposely left my baby behind on this outing.  My Nikon D90 that is.  I wanted to play around with the camera on my iphone and a photography app I got.  I knew if I brought my beloved camera I wouldn’t touch the camera on my phone.  Which isn’t a bad thing, but I really want to be able to use the camera on my phone if I get into a bind.  And let’s face it…sometimes it’s just not fun to carry around a huge camera everywhere you go, especially with 4 kids and a diaper bag.  Sorry D90. 

So this is what I got.


Ady’s first experience with a swing.


Funny huh?


She really did love it though.


We ended with toes and fingers in the sand pile.

Oh yeah, my other 3 kids were with me too. 

They were just too fast for me. 

But just for the record…

Fun was had by all.

The End 

P.S. The iphone app I use is Hipstamatic.

You want to know my favorite part?

I didn’t have to edit ANY of these pictures.

That makes me happy!


Cindy said...

hi, i can't remember how i found your blog but i'm glad i did!!! i love your photography and your processing. do you use actions? i have pse and i struggle with loading and using actions so i really need to get working on it.

your kids are beautiful...

i have your blog on my daily reads list!!!


Tam said...

Love love love the pics of ady w the limes. She is so stinking cute and sweet. Also I love your 365 pics. As far s the trip to fredricsburg, I will pass. Most anything else I'm up for but shopping isn't one of them!

Beth Curtis said...

I LOVE them! I think they turned out great and they look good quality too. awesome awesome awesome!

Andrea said...

Okay, I am downloading it as we speak. It is good to know that you like it. I never ever use mine. Thanks for figuring it out for me.

Letti said...

I was just going to ask you what app you used and then you told us. The pictures turned out great. By the way my family and I are going to be spending our entire summer break in Texas next year and I was hoping I could come see you while I am there.

Krysta said...

Hey Letti! I would love to finally meet you. We'll have to get together for sure. What part do you think you'll be in?

Lindsey Jensen said...

Those are amazing pictures Krys!! Glad Ady enjoyed her first experience with the swing!

Marcy Clark said...

Awesome pictures, and all with an iphone? I think I need that app. So cute!

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