Thursday, September 9, 2010

Drew’s Turn

My little man started school last week.  Which meant it was his turn to be the star of his own Back to School photo shoot with mom.  He is fun to have in front of the camera.  He always has his own agenda and I just have to follow along.   Look how big he is!  I seriously love that smile!   

Drew Storyboard

 Drew Books cp

 At School

At this age he still enjoys having me take him to school and be a part of his big day.  I love that!  He clung to my leg a little bit until his teachers greeted him by name and gave him a big hug.  Then he actually WANTED me to snap some photos while he showed me around his room. (unlike his siblings on the first day) 

Here are some outtakes that warm my mothering heart and make me laugh out loud!  He was being silly in between shots. We had lots of laughs!   

 Drew Laughing cpDrew Silly cpGrass cp

His laugh and smile are infectious!  When I am grumpy, both of my boys have the gift of laughter that melts everything away.  It really is a gift.  I hope that laughter will always be important to them. 

Waving - cp

And of course he waves  to the neighbors as they drive by.  I love this boy!!



I hope have an awesome year at preschool!  A year that gets you ready and excited for Kindergarten.  You are such a fun boy to be around.  I miss you while you are gone, but I know that you are growing and having wonderful experiences.  I hope that you will share your fun personality with others and always remember to be an example. 

I love you,



Tam said...

Yea for drew (and yea for you). His smile definitely is infectious. What a cute little guy!

Lindsey Jensen said...

I bet the teachers get excited to have him in their class when he walks in the door bc he is so dang cute!!! I love him!!

Alison said...

Great shots~! I love the stacked books with the apple on top. Great idea!

Andrea said...

Adorable. I love the photos and how you captured his smile and laugh. He really can make everyone laugh.

Beth Curtis said...

awww, those pictures are adorable. My favorite are the out takes. He is so photogenic!

Paige said...

Okay seriously...I can't believe how "Grown up" your kids look in their back to school pics! they are SO SO growing too fast! Darling pictures, you've got the talent girl! I will someday get to posting our school pics but after seeing yours mine will probably just make me laugh, you're such a pro!

Tallie Geddes said...

What a CUTE kid - such a perfect blend of you and Casey! Wish we could have seen more of your whole family this summer - but I am so grateful we at least had dinner!

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