Sunday, September 12, 2010

Project 365

Day 92

Morning Routine – The morning wouldn’t be the same if Ady wasn’t in her dad’s arms watching Kaylee and Jake’s bus go by. 

Day 93

Grocery Shopping Day – It was time for the big run to the store.  This happens twice a month.  I really don’t like these days.  I try to teat myself to something while I’m out, just to make it a little bit better.

Day 94

Our Bubble – After Drew’s first day of school we ate lunch at McDonald’s.  His request.  When he asks for a lunch date with me I have a hard time saying no, so we drove across the street for lunch.  The news was on, which I didn’t think anything of.  I barely even heard it.  Drew was hooked.  He would not take his eyes off the screen the entire time!  He was full of expressions like; “That kid has a gun!”, “ What the heck!  Look at that fire!”  ,  “Why is that guy getting arrested?”,  “Oh my gosh!  A hurricane!”  Yes, my children live in a bubble and I guess we don’t watch the news at home.  I kinda’ like it like that. 


Day 95

Feed Me Please – I can set dinnertime by this girl.  She always seems to be ahead of me.  She doesn’t whine, she just goes to her chair and starts hanging on it and looking at me.  Every single night she does this.  And no, she didn’t want the sippy cup.  I tried that.  She ends up sitting in her high chair and eating a snack while I make dinner because no matter how hard I try…dinner is late at our house. 

Day 96 

This Boy is S.P.O.I.L.E.D – Drew got his first road rash today. He was riding his bike and fell face first. You can’t really tell in this picture, but he had a swollen lip and scratches from his nose to his chin.  He asked if he could soak in my Jacuzzi tub (which is usually off limits) and of course I said yes.  

Day 97

Fall Planting – We were getting our flower pots in the front and back ready for Fall.  I wheeled these from the back yard to the front in our trusty wagon.  Then I saw a photo opportunity that I could not pass up.  The sun was in the perfect spot for me to play around with sun flare, something I have really been wanting to feel more comfortable with.  I liked it!

Day 98  

This Makes Me Happy – I love this shelf.  Every time I walk by our entryway I feel happy when I see it.  Of course my thrift store finds make me happy, but I really love this picture of the temple.  What a better day for me to capture it than on the Sabbath Day.    


Beth Curtis said...

I don't really watch the news and I don't want my children to watch the news. I would rather them be in a bubble for as long as they can. I wish Beck had an appetite like Addy does! You would never know he is not a bigger eater for how big he is! I love that pic of the temple that you have!

Tam said...

I love Drew in the bubble bath. That has got to be one of my favorite pictures yet. it could be his grin that tells you he's getting away with something naughty or it could be that i remember wanting to get buried with bubble when i was little. Either way that one is darling.

on a side note: you are lucky Ady doesnt yell at you when she is hungry. Kai will scream at me until i feed him and then if the food runs out, he'll start screaming again!

Andrea said...

My temple picture is one of my favs in my house too.

I love all the bubbles. Awesome and I am wondering just how you got so many in there.

I love the wagon, and Ady in the highchair. So adorable.

Letti said...

I could look at your blog all day long. Your house is so beautiful!

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