Monday, September 6, 2010

{ Project 365 }

Are you sick of my 365 yet?  Sorry to bunch these posts all up.  I try to spread them out, but I have gotten behind and it is driving me CrAzY!!  I really do have a life other than 365 that I will TRY to share about soon. :)

Day 85

Back to School Dinner – This was the kids first day back at school.  Since you have already seen their back to school photos I thought I would share the center piece for our table that night.  I had newfound energy to cook that day and Kaylee had requested a certain meal so we made a night of it and enjoyed a sit down dinner to celebrate a new school year.  This is going to be a new tradition.  (On our menu this year was: pork chops, baked potatoes, veggies, rolls and homemade jam). 

Day 86

Loving It – My house has been so quiet with just the two little ones home.  I am NOT complaining. :)  I think Drew has been loving his alone time.  Sometimes I forget that he’s even here.  I found him in his room completely content making boy noises while playing with all of Jake’s toys.  When he gets bored with that, he has been known to ask, “When are the kids coming home?  Can we go early dismiss Jake?”  Ummmm…NO!

Day 87

Oh Boy(s) – Jake comes in crying first.  He had got stung by a wasp. Twice.  I had just finished putting a rub on his leg and got him calmed down when Drew comes in screaming.  He had fallen off his bike.  And what do I do??? I laugh for a second at my cute needy boys and grab my camera.  Then I do the typical bandaging and kissing and with in minutes they are out the door again.  The End.    

Day 88 

Oh My Goodness -  I had my laughter for the day when I walked around the corner and stumbled upon this.  The little lady having the time of her life banging away on my computer keys.  What more is there to say?!

Day 89 

Rainy Days -  We had a week with lots of rain.  Sometimes I enjoy the rain, but mostly it makes me feel like not doing anything.  I decided to take my camera out after it rained one afternoon and play around.  We are in the middle of planting seasons right now, so I don’t have the prettiest flowers in my yard, but I love playing around with my camera settings and learning new things. 

Day 90

Hold On – Every now and then Casey puts Ady in the back pack and mows the lawn with her in tow.  I think he enjoys having her company.  I was watching them from the kitchen window and could see her grip on his shirt.  I had to come out and see for myself.  She was holding on so tight.  I love the look on her face; so serious and unsure but you can tell she has complete trust in her dad by the way her eyes are glued to him.  Eventually her hand dropped and the hum of the lawnmower put her to sleep.   

Day 91

Sundays – I told Kaylee to go up to her room and play or read.  This is how I found her.  I should have crawled in next to her and fallen asleep too.   


Lindsey Jensen said...

That is a fun new tradition for a Back to School Meal!! I love that Drew gets his choice of all his big brothers toys while he is aways at school!! So funny! Ady and Bronson are the exact same with the computer!! LOL maybe because we are teaching them so young how much WE love the computer!! Those boys and their scratches!!! I don't look forward to all the blood and crying!! Geez, I'll probably cry more at first than he will!! Aren't Sunday's the best!! I actually attempted a nap yesterday too!!

Beth Curtis said...

I am laughing through this whole post. I love when you post your 365. I loved your center piece, super cute. I died laughing before I read your caption about the boys. I showed Brandon and we thought this was the perfect picture to show their personality. Jake being tough and Drew crying. I adore lil' Ady. The pic that made me laugh the hardest was the last pic with Kaylee taking a nap on the bed. I was showing Brandon and I said, " ooh Sunday nap at the Moes' but heaven forbid you get under the covers! Don't mess up the bed!" Brandon looked at me and said, " well at least she got to lay on top of the bed, we couldn't even do that." made my day.

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