Sunday, September 19, 2010

{ Project 365 }

 Day 99  

Breakfast in Bed - This is what I woke up to on Memorial Day.  My 3 munchkins carrying me a tray of food that their dad helped them prepare.  Drew made sure I knew that it was all HIS idea.  Notice the construction tray and the syrup seeping through the paper plate?  I think that is the best!

Day 100

A Late Night – Ady tried to go to bed.  Twice.  Both times she didn’t want anything to do with it.  I finally gave up and brought her downstairs with me to play.  All the other kids were asleep and Casey wasn’t home.  When he did get home she thought we were having a party.  She loves to play with her daddy!

Day 101 

Drew’s BFF’s – Legos consume Drew’s life.  Today, Drew and I had a conversation about these little people.  I got a glimpse into his world and realized that when he plays with them, they really do come to life.  

Day 102

The Story of a Tooth Fairy – Once upon a time there was this little boy named Jake who lost his tooth at school in the middle of a math test.  It just happened to fly across the room.  His teacher (who is in our ward) was kind enough to stop the test and help him look for it.  It was nowhere to be found.  Jake got off the bus that afternoon with an empty treasure box that should have been carrying his tooth and an even bigger gap of missing teeth.  He was worried that the tooth fairy wouldn’t come since he didn’t have his tooth.  I assured him that she would.  He just couldn’t forget to write her a note before bed.  He wrote a note asking for at least $27.00 please.  Or $58.00 please.  To which I responded that the tooth fairy doesn’t give out money like that.  And to bed he went. AND THEN…the tooth fairy did not come!!!!  Can you believe that?  It is true.  After all of that,  she didn’t even come!  Talk about trauma at our house. :(  The next night the tooth fairy made sure to stop by.   Jake wasn’t quite satisfied since she didn’t fulfill his request and he still didn’t have a tooth.  Monday came and brought him a little surprise.  His teacher was in her classroom over the weekend while it was being cleaned and they found his tooth!  He asked me if the tooth fairy would come again.  I laughed and said, “No, the tooth fairy is NOT coming again.”  The End.   

Day 103

One of My Faves – I am a flip flop kind of gal.  I live for them.  This is out of season now, since it’s fall and all, but I guess that is one of the perks of living in Texas.  I still get to wear my favorite flip flops.  These babies were only $5.00. 

Day 104

These hands know how to work – Or maybe they know how to play in the dirt while daddy works in the dirt.  That’s what Ady and her daddy did today.  Worked in the yard. 

Day 105

Football Baby – Opening game of the Texans.  My husband could not get home from church fast enough.  He didn’t even change his clothes.  Just grabbed his hat and the remote.  Jake is sporting his Texans pride right along with his dad. 


Beth Curtis said...

I am dying over the tooth fairy story. I read it out loud to Brandon and we were laughing so hard. We both agree that Jake is looking SO old in that last pic. Those pics of Ady are so cute. Less than 1 month until her birthday! (where is her 11 month post :) I love the grubby finger nails.

Letti said...

Love the dirty fingernails. I never would think to take a picture of that. I love that you find the simplest things and capture them with your camera. You inspire me.

Lindsey Jensen said...

Love, love, love the tooth fairy story!! Nick and I were cracking up!!! Too funny!! I love the picture of Drew with his Legos, so sweet!!! Your breakfast in bed, love it!! Your such a lucky mama!!

Andrea said...

Love them all. Teeth, hat, dirty fingernails, and the five dollar flips are to die for.

Brynne said...

I love all these pictures and memories. It's the good stuff, right here!

Tam said...

Where to begin! I love the pic of Ady with the dirty nails. she seems so girly and prissy that I love seeing her messy! Also love the pic of Casey and Jake wathcing football. Tony keeps saying he cant wait until our boys are old enough to enjoy the game (I say teach the girls but thats another rant)! AND super cute flip flops. Love um!

Stephanie said...

Cute updates. Ady's dirty fingers are precious.

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