Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Baptism

Hello Friends!  It has been a looooooooooong time, to say the least.  I think the last time I had a gap like this in my posting I was pregnant with Ady.  I was so sick and decided to hide out and ignore the world.  I am NOT pregnant but I know some of you have been worried about me and wondering where in the world I have been.  I can explain.  A lot has been going on in this head of mine, but that is another post all on its own.  For now I have a very special 8 year old who deserves to be spot lighted.  This poor post has been on hold for far too long. 

Jake was baptized a member of  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on February 5th, 2011.  I think he would say it was a very special day.  This was his baptism invitation.  To see more from his photo shoot go here.

Jake's Baptism Invite

Casey lets our kids choose who they want to baptize them.  Casey says he is happy to either baptize or confirm as long as he gets to do one of them.  When it was Kaylee’s turn, she chose her dad to baptize her and Papa Curtis to confirm her.  Jake chose his Uncle Bubby to baptize him and asked his dad to confirm him.  Jake and Bubby have always had a special connection.  Bubby was living with us when Jake was born.  They sort of grew up together.  I like to think that my kids helped prepare my brother to be a daddy. 

Bubby It was also special because Jake was the very first person Bubby ever baptized.  I like to think this will prepare him for his own children’s baptisms.  Which isn’t REALLY that far away. (Beth, it goes Drew and then Beck is next.  Crazy when you think of it that way, huh?)


Speaking of Drew…here he is.  Jake and Drew.  They are always so playful, even when they are supposed to be reverent.

Dad and Jake

My two handsome men in their suites and ties.  Jake is lucky to have his dads footsteps to follow in.  They are big feet to fill, but I know that he can do it. 

ME and Jake 4x6

I hope Jake knows how much I love him and how proud I am of him for choosing the right.  I know it’s hard being a kid and trying to make the right choices all the time.  He is learning so much and I can see him growing and figuring things out everyday.   

Family - 1

My kids are growing up so much!  You know how sometimes it takes looking at a photo to see things how they really are?  That is how I felt when I saw this photo of my immediate  family.  I thought, “ Wow!  That is one big family!  When did that happen and where was I?”


We had family come from Utah and Arizona to support Jake.  It meant the world to us to have them here.  We know others wanted to be here and weren’t able to make it.  You were missed!  We love you all!

After the baptism, we came back to our house and had a little party. 

We were busy in the kitchen doing last minute preparations.  Our super, duper good friends the Dickamore’s were there to be a part of our day.  They are awesome!

Kitchen - 1 

The grandma’s were busy in the kitchen too.

Kitchen - 2

My mom was even multi tasking, talking to my dad on the phone while preparing food.

Kitchen - 3


On the menu was Chicken Salad on croissants, of course PB&J  for the kids.  Potato Salad, potato chips, fruit,  brownies and cookies.

Blakers could not take his eyes off the cookies. I love these photos of him.  He’s being so sweet about really wanting a cookie!


I took it easy on the party decor.  Just enough to make it festive.  Andrea helped me out and put some things in the mail for me. Like these green and black pom poms.


And this CTR penant.  For those of you who don’t know, CTR stands for Choose The Right.  The youth in our church get baptized at 8 if they choose too.  They also are held accountable for their own actions now so they are reminded to always choose the right. 

CTR - 1

I made the centerpiece in the dining room.  These will be fun to use for other holidays and parties. 


   And that is that! It was a very nice day that couldn’t have gone any better. 

It feels so good to get this post done.  I promise to be back soon with more from the Moes household!

Thank you Beth for helping me by being in charge of the camera that day!  If you want to see more of Beth’s work go here.


Terrys Rock! said...

Jake, what an awesome day! Congratulations on your baptism. The party looked so amazing, Krysta you kill me! You are so talented! I love you and miss you!

Lindsey Jensen said...

Love that post! Congrats Jake, we love you are are so sad that we missed it!! Krys, you did a great job with the party. Looks so fun and yummy!

Tam said...

We loved getting to be a part of Jakes big day ... he's a neat kid! Those pics of B are hilarious. I didnt see him oogling the cookies. You forgot to mention how FREAKIN cold it was that day (I forgot too until I saw my sweater)

Kari said...

Good to see your formal dining room getting some use!! We wish we could have been there!

Beth Curtis said...

LOVE this post! Ok, I DISLIKE that you had to mention that Beck was next after Drew! That sounds so crazy! The party was amazing, you did such a great job. This post makes me miss you guys again!
p.s. my fav pic is you and Jake together. I love the looks on your faces.

Stephanie said...

Cute decorations. I like the black and green together. Your top is adorable and you look awesome ;)

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