Sunday, July 24, 2011

Alphabet Summer {Letter M}

Thursday last week was letter M for our Alphabet Summer.  We went to the Mall and rode the Merry Go Round. 




The Merry Go Round is really such a small and simple thing that the kids usually get told “No” to every time we go.  So they thought this was extra nice of me. 

Also while at the mall (not pictured) we visited the pet store, played on the playground, walked through some of the kids favorite stores where the boys bought new matching flip flops and Kaylee bought herself a new back pack.  The trip to the mall was inspired because Kaylee got a gift certificate for some feathers to be put in her hair for her birthday.  She invited her friend to share in the day and they had tons of fun.  They went to their “own” favorite stores while I was close by in other stores.  They thought they were so grown up and talked about how much fun it will be to go to the mall by themselves and shop.  I remember those days.  They are some of my favorite memories.  Sadly, that time isn’t far away for her.  It is such a bitter-sweet thing for a mom!  

Anyway, we ended the mall with some lunch (and a HUGE meltdown by little Miss Ady) and came home to finish our letter M.  The kids wrote  letters and put them in the Mail.  



Some peeps are going to be surprised!

I think I will share letter I next.  That was a fun day. :)

Incase you are wondering…these photos were taken with my iPhone and edited with the  instagram app.  I think I am going to do this more often for little things.  It was so nice not to carry my big camera with me and only spend one minute editing 6 photos.  Nice!!


Letti said...

I love your alphabet letter posts. You are really creative with the things you come up with. SO fun. Addy looks so grown up on the merry go round.

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

It is crazy how fast they are growing up. Ugh! Going to the mall alone. I'm not ready for that to be soon! The merry go round is a lot of fun! The photos look good! I will have to check out that app. I just love your alphabet summer. So inspiring!

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