Monday, July 18, 2011

Drew’s Day

Last Saturday was Drew’s Birthday.  He turned 6 years old.  All day I kept thinking and saying he was 4!  I asked everyone if we had 4 candles for Drew’s cake.  They all thought I lost my mind…and maybe I did!  I still think of him as my little 4 year old though.  I think I am in denial that he is going to Kindergarten this year.  Ahhhhh….

He had a special day.  It went something like this:

Good Morning Drew.


Happy Birthday to YOU!


Time for Breakfast.


He requested Skinny Pancakes.  I think the milk mustache is proof that he loved it.


He got dressed and ready and then it was time to open presents.



Mom and Dad knew what the gifts were, so we planned on opening them early in the day.  It was going to be our entertainment all day.


I love Drew’s look of excitement when he sees what it is, followed by Jake’s excitement. 


The two Lego sets he had been asking for.  That was the theme of our day.  Legos.  They played all day long.

Kaylee and I were busy in the kitchen.  (She is quite the helper and party planner.  More to come about that.)


We made and decorated a Lego cake and lined the table runner with things they had made that day.  

The boys didn’t think the cake was decorated enough.


They switched things up and added more until it looked like this.


It was quite the masterpiece.

Time blow out the candles.


Drew’s dinner request was Shells and Tree’s, Ham and Cheese.  It’s one of his favorites.  I’ll have to share the recipe  sometime.


At his request, we ended the day with a trip to the snow cone shack.


The End.

Happy 6th Birthday Drew!


Letti said...

Happy Birthday Drew! I have forgotten my kids ages too and just this week someone asked me how old I was and I couldn't remember...ooops. Oh well. Your kids are so cute and you sure do make birthdays fun. I can't wait for that recipe it looks delicious.

Beth Curtis said...

oh my heavens! I love that kid. It is so funny that you said that you thought he was 4 because that is the age that sticks in my head too! How is he 6 already! such a fun day. I love the lego excitement and how they helped decorate the cake. I also love that ms. Ady is spoiling the breakfast in bed AGAIN. :)

Andrea said...

I love birthday's at your house. They look so fun. Love the cake, and how Drew made it his own. I think of him as 4 too. I am not ready for him to be 6.

Lindsey Jensen said...

That's awesome!! It looks like so much fun!! You have some of the most fun recipes and names for them too! You must share this one!! I love his birthday cake. That is so perfect and it turned out adorable!! Happy Birthday Drew!!

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

Oh my goodness those blue eyes are killing me!! I know it's hard to watch them get older,but enjoyable at the same time. Bittersweet, if you will. Looks like an awesome birthday!! Love the legos on the cake :)

Love the board and batten in the boys room. You really need to do a post on kaylee's and the boys bedrooms. I see bits and pieces here and there. I want the whole thing!!

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