Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween/Fall Decor. {Part 4}

Today you get a two for one!  How’s that for generous?   Two fire place mantles in one post.  I am a lucky girl who gets to decorate two mantles for the holidays.  That can either be a huge headache or lots of fun.  When it comes together it’s lots of fun.  One is a faux fireplace, but many people think it’s real at first glance.  I guess that is the whole point of a faux fireplace. :)  Back in the day, when Casey and I were living in our first home years ago I was distraught over not having anywhere to hang our stockings for Christmas.  I survived our first Christmas by hanging them from a bookshelf in our family room.  It was fine.  One weekend I went out of town to visit my family, leaving my husband behind for a couple of days.  When I got home, there was a surprise waiting for me.  Any guesses on what it was?

Yep.  It was a mantle.  He had made me my very own fireplace mantle.   Somewhere to hang our stockings.  How sweet!  He made our home feel so cozy and had one happy wife.  This mantle has been moved around in different houses over the years.  It has been in our family room, then in our bedroom and now it is in the office/study.  I still love it. This was the first of many woodworking projects Casey has done for us. 

Here it is ready for Halloween.


It is ready for fall too.


All I plan on doing is taking the cat and mason jar of skeletons down after Halloween.  That will leave me with pumpkins and pinecones.  Perfect.


This is the mantle in our family room.


This room has recently gotten a face lift.  This was one of our summer projects.  I haven’t shared any of yet because it is still in the works.  This room is never ending!  Anyway, the alcove that the clock is sitting in used to be a terracotta red.  I can not believe it has taken me this long to paint over it.  It is so much better!!

Back to the mantle.


The trick or treat banner was from last year.  It was still a keeper.  I added LOTS of spanish moss here to make a fall garland.


When I picked the twigs for my entry table, I used the extra for my mantle.  I added the twigs first and then put spanish moss over the top.  I love the texture it adds.

This is another one of my painted pumpkins.

Mantle 2_0027

I printed the owl from the Graphics Fairy and made the BOO frame a couple of years ago.  I just printed BOO on newspaper.  It doesn’t get much easier than that.  Those are my favorite kind of projects.Untitled-2

Happy fall!  It is raining as I type this. :)


Prudently Painted Vintage said...

Love it all! That was the best surprise story. Casey is such a great husband. How sweet! I love all the moss you're using and the simple printing projects. I need to do some Of those.

Happy birthday to Ady!!!

To The Moon and Back said...

Wow! I'm sitting here admiring all of your Halloween decor. I LOVE it all! Simple, elegant, original!

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