Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The last of the Halloween Decor.

It is time for me to go to bed and I am exhausted.  Ady had a cold when I got home from my trip and she has passed it on to me.  Yesterday and today have been the worst of my sick days, but I can tell it is getting better.  I spent the majority of my day running errands, which is my least favorite thing to do anyway, but doing that while not feeling well is really no fun. Why do mom’s get sick?  And why does life have to keep going when we are sick?  It should be against the rules!! 

Posting always makes me feel better, so this is the last thing I am doing before going to bed.  Here is the Halloween decor I told you I found the other night.  In the rush of Ady’s birthday and going out of town, I guess I forgot to post this.  Which is funny because this is my favorite room.  You might be COMPLETLEY sick of my dining room by now, but I still love it!  It is my favorite room in the whole house.  Here it is ready for Halloween.

Dining Room_0078

These are the bats I mentioned in this post.

Dining Room

It is the perfect simple touch to my white plates.  I am glad I added glitter.

Dining Room_0037

My chandelier with Spanish moss, of course.  My new favorite thing.

Dining Room_0054

And lots of spooky (gross) spiders.

Dining Room_0103

Dining Room - 1

All of the white pumpkins I have this year, I painted.  I really like the look of white pumpkins, but I do not like paying for them. 

Dining Room_0077

More dollar store crows.  I could not get enough of those and spanish moss this year. 

  Dining Room_0095

Dining Room_0108

To paint my pumpkins, I taped off the stem.  I have seen them where the stem is painted the same as the pumpkin, but I wanted the stem to stay the same.  After a couple coats of spray paint and the pumpkins were completely dry, I took my block sander and sanded the edges of each pumpkin a little bit.  I wanted a textured, imperfect look, especially since anything handmade is never perfect.  It made me feel better about any imperfections. :)  I really love how they turned out and it was so easy to do.  I can’t imagine anything but white pumpkins in this room.  Clean, fresh and simple.


Colleen said...

I love the white pumpkins and the trick or treat sign! So cute. I hope you feel better. it's no fun being sick!

Andrea said...

Very cute. I like the white pumpkins too. Looks awesome.

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

I Love it! And I still love your dining room. How could anyone get sick of it?! That trick or treat sign is my favorite part. I love the dollar store crows too this year. I have about 6 of them scattered throughout my home.

I was sick last week. It was sooooo annoying! I couldn't sleep and I was tired every day last week. Ughh! Hope you feel better fast. Mom's should never get sick. It should be a rule really.

Kari said...

I'm so sorry you were sick! I have my "Trick or Treat" sign out on my table too! I didn't get in on the black crows this year. You have inspired me for next year!

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