Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween {2011}

Well, I have gotten absolutely nothing done this whole week.  I feel like sleeping until the rest of the week (and weekend) is over and starting fresh next week.  But I would want to wake up to everything I didn’t get done magically done for me. That’s my fairytale.   Am I the only one who had a week like this?  I have decided that if I have an unproductive Monday (unproductive meaning: not my normal routine) then I might as well kiss the rest of my week goodbye. 

At least I can blame it all on Halloween!  I guess it was worth it. :)

Halloween_0127 copy


I took the kids out on Sunday night for some unrushed costume photos.  This helped to make Halloween not quite as crazy.  I could relax knowing I got some decent pictures already and whatever else I snapped was just a bonus.

Kaylee was a nerd.  A very cute nerd, I might add. 


It was funny that her glasses matched the ones on her shirt exactly.  Not planned at all! 


Next we have Mr. Jake.  The serious and mean looking mafia gangster. 


Then the fighter Drew.  Accompanied with a bloody nose and black eye.


And lastly,  our sweet (hahaha) Strawberry Shortcake, Ady.


Who couldn’t stop thinking about the candy left in her bag from trunk or treating.


Here are some snapshots from Halloween night. 

We were getting ready to go trick or treating with the Dickamore’s. 

Ady was still thinking about that candy.


My BOO shirt was as festive as I got that night.


I think photos of the kids trick or treating are so much fun!  There is such a whimsical feeling when you look at them.  I had plans, but failed miserably.  This is the only one I got.  Next year people.


Casey stayed at home to pass out candy while we went out for a little while.  When we got home from the Dickamore’s he took the kids and I stayed home to pass out the candy.  He loves taking them trick or treating. 


I swear, the second they made it to the family room their bags got dumped.  Time to sort!




As a child, sorting was always one of my favorite things after trick or treating.  It falls under the organizing category…no wonder.


Jake enjoyed telling jokes as he ate his Laffy Taffy’s.

This apple looked a little out of place among all of the other crap candy.  At one of the houses they had the choice to pick a piece of fruit or candy. 


Do you notice anything about the picture below?


Jake barricaded his candy area.  This had me laughing so hard.  Silly boy.  NO ONE was going to mess with his stash.  We guard things with our life around this house!


Colleen said...

Great pictures Krysta. I wish I had done the day before thing too as I had terrible ones from the night of.

Such cute costumes ideas. I love them all but I think Drew's and Ady's were my favorite. Sooo very adorable.

Tam said...

We had so much fun w u guys! I absolutely love the pic of the kiddos posing and ady coming towards u ... That right there is ur house in a nutshell: the big three obeying and ady doing whatever she wants! I can't believe how ur kids organize their candy. Mine just dumped theirs and started to eat! They must get their lack of organization from me!

Beth Curtis said...

Jake makes me laugh so hard! I love his mafia pics and the last one. You can see the naughty in little Ady's eyes. SO CUTE! I love those kiddos. I am used to seeing you dressed up! My house is a total disaster this week (because I have been playing and not cleaning, busted). I kinda had a freak out though when I realized you guys were coming in 2 weeks and I have a lot to do! So excited though :)

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

Love the pictures! What a great idea to take them the night before. I'll have to remember that next year. I laughed about you saying haha after Ady being sweet. She sure is cute though! Love that girl!

Guess what? I totally sorted my candy too as a kid. Every thing was separated accordingly. Should have know then I was going to be OCD!

So this week has totally dragged on, yet I have gotten nothing done either. Weird. Next week will be better :)

Kari said...

Halloween on a Monday is a nightmare! I think everyone had a week like yours! I pretty much stayed in bed from 6:00 p.m. yesterday until 8a.m. this morning catching my breath from the week! I was so tired I felt sick! Your pics are great as usual. Makes me want to pick up a new expensive camera and take some photography classes! Maybe next year I'll have time!

Kari said...

p.s. I like your living room rug!

Brynne said...

Sorting the candy is the best. My kids also share our same OCD habit. As I type, there are carefully sorted rows adorning my living room floor. The minute they get home, they sort, trade, then play a game they made up: you each put a piece of candy in the bucket, then you set the bucket out a little ways and take turns trying to throw a piece of candy in the bucket. Whoever gets it in the bucket first, gets the candy.

Andrea said...

CUTE CUTE. Ady looks adorable. You made that? I am so impressed. Very creative this year. Tell them to save some candy for me.

c said...

Hi! i found your blog off of pinterest actually for the 72 hour kits, but kept scrolling on- can you tell me where you got your rug? I love it!

Krysta said...

Glad you like the rug! I actually pinned it after I bought it. Here is the link

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