Sunday, November 20, 2011

Questions answered… 72 Hour kits and my Dinner Bell

I have had several emails lately with a few questions to answer.  This will be a super quick and to the point post.

First off..

72 Hour Kits – Did you notice the M&M’ s in our pack?  Well, they weren't on the lists I shared, but I remember years ago being advised to add some sort of treat or candy to our 72 hour kits.  Something for the sweet tooth, like hard candy you can suck on (Jolly Ranchers) or in our case M&M’s.  We love chocolate, which probably isn’t the smartest thing since it can melt, but we took a chance with it.  They are in their own individually wrapped packages so if it melts, oh well.  We tried!  That was the only extra treat we added.   Also, we added some pens and paper and a couple packs of cards.  Something to keep the kids entertained with that didn’t take up a lot of room.  I am so glad one of my readers asked me a question about this.  I feel like these two additions are actually important to the 72 hour kits and something worth mentioning.  It will make your family a little happier and be more comforting to use the kits if you have personalized them how you see fit.

Dinner Bell – I have received a few questions about this one as well.  I actually meant to link you back to a few sites for my dinner bell, but I published that particular post while stopping for dinner one night as we were driving to Arizona and the internet was so slow it was killing me!  There just wasn’t time.  But now there is… Here is the link for the dinner bell I purchased and here is the link to several other dinners bells I pinned while shopping the internet to find just the right one for me.  It is on my decorating board, so you might have to scroll down just a bit to get to them.  I hope this helps!  Some of the work is done for you now if you are shopping for a dinner bell.

To come…

Do you remember my bathroom printables I posted a while ago?  I have had several questions regarding these and you will be happy to know that next week they will be available to print for yourself. 

So please check back soon. :)


Colleen said...

You've been busy!!! Hope you guys have a great holiday!

Anonymous said...

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