Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ward Camp Out {2012}

This in an event that is looked forward to each year by my family.  Casey is always in charge of it.  In fact, he wasn’t supposed to be in charge this year, but he loves it so much and doesn’t mind planning it, so it is still his baby.   Our ward (The Church Jesus Christ of Latter - Day Saints) gets together each February at Huntsville State Park for a night of fun. It is fun to mingle with each other in a different, way more relaxed environment.   We headed up early to set up and make a day of it. 

Ward Campout

Ady spent a lot of time exploring.

Ward Campout-2

I love this picture of Drew.  He is such a little man.

Ward Campout-3

The girls enjoyed hanging out on the hammock.  This hammock brought back memories for me!  When I saw Christian pull it out, I recognized it right away.  Darn it!  Now that I think about it, I have a picture of me and Sara and Jen in this hammock.  I should have scanned it and posted it.  Too late now. :( Christian brought it home from his mission.  We all spent some fun nights chillin on this thing in good ol’ Provo… back in the day. 

Here are Kaylee and Sara’s two girls. 

Ward Campout-7

Ward Campout-8

Ward Campout-9

Ward Campout-10

Ward Campout-11

As for the boys…What can I say?  My boys are pyros.


They were obsessed with the fire.  As soon as they dropped their sleeping bags off in the tent they headed straight to the fire pit.  They didn’t leave it the entire time!!  Especially Drew. 

With help from the manly men in our group, they got a fire going for our tinfoil dinners. 

Three hungry families tin foil dinners.

   Ward Campout-12

After dinner everyone gathers together for a short program; campfire songs, a skit and s’mores. 

The boys waited anxiously listening to the skit while guarding the goods.  The s’mores is what they were really after.

Ward Campout-13

Ward Campout-14

These boys make me smile.  As a mother I absolutely love the fact that I can most always find them together.  At home I expect to see them together, but when we are out with friends in a situation other than home and I see them together, I know that they are friends.  Best friends at that. 

Ward Campout-15

After s’mores the kids played for a little bit more and then it was off to bed.  The adults stayed up by the campfire for a looooooong time chatting and having some late night snacks.  Fun times!  The kids slept great.  The “tween” girls had a tent all to themselves.  Of course they enjoyed that. 

Good morning sunshine!

Ward Campout-16

Ward Campout-17

Ward Campout-18

Ward Campout-19

Time for breakfast!

Ward Campout-20

After that it was a quick clean up and we were outta there!  Back to reality…baseball games, errands, cleaning and getting ready for church the next day.  It was fun while it lasted. :)

As for other news…I was featured on the U Create Party Blog last weekend!  Thank you U Create.  What an honor.  It was for Jake’s Movie Themed birthday party.  

Have a great week everyone! 


Beth Curtis said...

SUPER fun! I love all the pictures. Especially the hammock pics. Ady looks like a grown up eating her breakfast. So cute. I love that Drew and Jack are such good friends. That is what you dream of as a parent. (well, I guess when I have more than one haha)

Andrea said...

Looks like so much fun. I am ready to go camping now. Ady eating her breakfast is so adorable. It looks delicious. Great pictures.

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