Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cruisin’ {Part Three} The End

Hi Y’all!  So, I am a little bit bugged tonight.  Not only was this post supposed to be done a week ago and I somehow let it fall through the cracks, but then I got it all ready to go today, after getting interrupted 101 times (can anyone relate?)  I walked away from my computer to attend Casey’s work picnic and when I came back to finish ONE sentence before I pushed the publish button, I found that my computer had completely shut down!  Grrrrrrrr…dang update.  Why did I NOT think to save the post before I walked away?  I swear, everything that has to do with computers these days takes twice as long for me lately.  My computer is so incredibly slow it is KILLING me.  That is part of the reason I haven’t posted lately.  That and Casey and I went out of town last weekend and I can’t get my groove back.  Another grrrrrr….

Moving on to Jamaica!  This was my favorite stop.  The four of us rented a Taxi for the day.  Meet our Taxi driver Mr. Kingsley.


Nice shot right?  I was entertaining myself in the car.  Our destination was Dunn’s River Falls, but we also got to sight see a little bit too, which I loved.  Not only that, but we had some really funny and interesting conversations with Kingsley while we were driving.  He was also listening to a bizarre talk show part of the time.  I am laughing right now thinking about it.  :)

One view of the Jamaican Island. 


Jamaica currency.


The Banana Truck!  Kingsley all of the sudden pulled off to the side of the road and said he wanted bananas. He gets out of the taxi calling in his Jamaican accent, “Hey, Banana Man!  I want some bananas!”  I love the way they talk.  I can still hear his accent.  



After driving past so many other things that made me want to jump out of the car and take pictures, I was ready to forget about Dunn’s River Falls and just drive around with Kingsley all day. 

But we didn’t do that and of course Dunn’s River Falls was awesome.  Since I was behind the camera the whole time, I don’t have any photos of me and Casey so here is one I love of Tami and Tony.  We love you guys!


This was taken right before hiking up the waterfall that is known as Dunn’s River Falls.

There were so many different levels like this to hike up.  This doesn’t do justice to what it was really like at all.  We would hit a plateau and I would think we were at the top and then I would look up and see that there was more to climb.  That happened over and over again.  It was a lot of fun!




The four of us hiked the whole thing twice and then everyone but me hiked it a third time while I walked along the outside edge and took pictures. 


Some Jamaican shopping that we passed through.

Then it was back to the taxi.  Everyone was tired after that and enjoyed reading on the way back to the ship while my eyes were still glued out the window.  It is fun that we can each do what we enjoy while we are together and not feel like we have to keep the others entertained.  That is when you know you have a true friend.


Tony asked Kingsley if he wouldn’t mind stopping for a Diet Coke on the drive back. A detour? Yes, thank you very much.  You know I loved that!  We even got to do it twice because the first time Kingsley went into the store and came out saying they didn’t have Diet Coke.  We started driving down the road a ways until we realized he was going to a different city to get Tony a Diet Coke.  Come to find out they had Pepsi at the previous store just not Coke.  It was funny!  So back to the store we went.  

We were in downtown Jamaica I guess and the kids had just gotten out of school. They probably thought I was crazy for taking pictures of them, but I couldn’t resist their blue uniforms.



We only drove through for such a short time, but I loved seeing how other people live. 


That’s it folks!  It was a great trip that Casey and I enjoyed for so many reasons.   I would do it again in a heartbeat if it wasn’t for leaving the kids and the $ factor.  Maybe once a year???  I wish, but I don’t know.  We are so thankful Casey’s mom was able to come and spend time with the kids while we enjoyed a big getaway.  They enjoyed her company and are still talking about their time with grandma, which is priceless!


Colleen said...

Gorgeous pictures. I haven't been to Jamaica but my husband has and he loved it. Such nice memories!

Natalie said...

Looks like such a fun trip! I love exploring new places and watching how life goes on in other parts of the world:) And, I feel for you with your computer pain- the only difference is you are persistent, while I just give up!

Tam said...

Ahhh! Tony just showed me this. Love it! We had so much fun w you guys. I can't wait to go again! U really were the best couple to travel with. Thx for everything ... The pics, the games, the goodies etc!

U forget to say that Jamaica was your bday and the stupid couple you were with totally forgot all about it until dinner. Ugh, I still feel horrible!

Andrea said...

I love all the pictures. It looks like such a fun trip. Those bananas remind me of Saba. ....and all the funny talk that comes from the driver. I can relate to that. Sorry about the computer. I have had to make sure that mine is never in the red and it makes such a difference. I am glad you had so much fun.

Brynne said...

I loved this post! We too, went to Jamaica (about 10 years ago) and spent our day about the same as yours and loved every minute! Your post took me right back, so fun. And your friend has such a cute, fit, little figure! Glad you had such a great get-away with friends!

Beth Curtis said...

oh man I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pics. It totally told your story so well. I would like to take a moment to give Tami a shout out on her 6 pack. you go girl! I need to show your blog to Brandon and maybe he will take me on a cruise :)

Kari said...

You definitely need to go once a year! It's worth it! Did you actually use your nice camera while climbing up the falls? That was one of our favorite parts of our trip too. Too bad you couldn't do Stingray City. Oh well. Gives you a reason to go back!!

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

This has happened tO me soooo many times! Written a whole post only to find it gone. I feel your frustration. My computer is super slow too. 6 years old. Hopefully we will get an upgrade soon. It's so annoying. Part of the reason I like never blog anymore.

I have to tell you I am so jealous of your cruise. You guys totally deserved every second of it though as hard as you both work. I can't even imagine being without kids for that long. I am living vicariously through your pictures. Love them!

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