Thursday, February 18, 2010

Projects, Projects, Projects

I am bombarding you with project posts!  I have been a busy bee.  Do you remember my list?  I am tackling it one thing at a time and  making progress.  I am having a lot of fun too.  It’s giving me a break from all the mommy chores.  It’s taken me longer to do them all than I wanted, but what’s the rush, really?  I tell that to myself all the time these days!

I finished my families silhouette’s. 


They are on a wall in our office off of the entry way.  I’d been meaning to do these for a long time and I’m so glad I did.  It was another easy project to mark off the list.


I am in LOVE with my pantry door.  That sounds crazy doesn’t it…but it’s true!  This is why:


I get to look at this Vintage Book Wreath close to 100 times a day.  It is made from pages in an old book.  When I made this wreath, I wasn’t planning on hanging it on my pantry door, mostly because that doesn’t sound like a place worthy of such an awesome wreath.  But really…I loved it there. 

It made me happy. 

And I got to thinking…

I would get to enjoy it from the front entry

 Dining Room       

and every time I walk through my dining room. 

I would also get to enjoy it while I’m in the laundry room


and most importantly…

I would get to enjoy it while spending plenty of time in my kitchen.


So the pantry door is where it will stay


because I think it is worthy of such an awesome wreath!

Here is the link if you want to know how to make one.  wreath  :)


Beth Curtis said...

oh my gosh! Your projects turned out SO cute!! Jakers looks adorable. Your wreath is awesome too. I don't know how you do it all with 4 kids!

Andrea said...

I love your wreath, and where you hung it.

I also love the silohettes. I just finished mine last night. I re-did the kids just for an update.

Tessa's was hard. Did you find that?

KW said...

So I had to sneak over to your blog to check it out and I can see why you and A are best friends. You are very talented as well. I love all your cute ideas. Your house is amazing!

Letti said...

That wreath is so cool. I love your silhouettes they look so good and just like your kids.

Stephanie said...

I think the silohettes are adorable. I wish I knew how to do those!

thejohnmfamily said...

Oh Krysta, you and those lists and projects. You are amazing, and can pull things together better than anyone I know. Your wreath is seriously awesome.

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