Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Around Here { Entry Way, Heritage Banner }

Complete picture overload, just so you know. :) I’m surprised my computer didn’t crash with this post.  I am running out of room on my computer so badly.  It gets worse every day.  For every 50 photos I delete, I upload 300.  Not good at all!  My disk space is always in the red.   

This post was intended to be about my entry TABLE, not my entire entryway.  hahaha…but while I was taking photos I realized how much has changed since we moved here and I haven’t really ever documented or blogged this space before, so I thought I would take you on a virtual tour.  Here is my interpretation of a virtual tour. 

Welcome to my home.  This is the view you would see from the front door.

Entry_0044 cw

If you turn towards your right you would see the dining room.  You can go here to see before and after photos of this room.

Entry_0027 cw

I really like my coat tree in the entry way.  I think it feels cozy.  When I first put it here, I didn’t have anything hanging on it.  Awhile later I added our monogram frame.  Just recently I added these keys.  They were hanging on a different wall in the entry, but I like them here.  Even though I have accessories hanging on our coat tree, we still use it for normal things.  Backpacks and coats are here when we are waiting for car pools and when friends come over after school. 

Entry_0028 cw

I used to have a shelf with some other decor on the wall below.  I decided it was time for me to frame some family photos that had been hanging out on my computer for far too long.

(The bathroom I shared recently with my gallery wall is behind that door.)

Entry_0026 cw

This summer when I went stir crazy in my house re-doing everything, I found this frame at a local antique store.  I love old frames, remember?

Entry_0024 cw

Also, here is a fave printing tip.  I print all of my photos at mpix.com.  I can’t say enough good things about them.  I REALLY like the metallic finish they offer.  I don’t print everything in that finish, but I always love how it turns out when I do.  This photo is printed in that finish. 

If your back was towards the dining room, you would be back to the center of the entryway.

Entry_0031 cw

Across from the dining room is the office/study.  This is the view standing in the dinning room.  Don’t look to closely at my husbands desk.  It gets a lot of use and I don’t touch his papers. 

Entry_0033 cw

The sconces are a recent addition.  Hobby Lobby – 50% off.

Entry_0037 cw

This is the view from inside the office.

I have had this clock since my days in Providence, UT.  and I still love it. 

Entry_0041 cw 

Here are a few details of the entry table.  I changed everything pretty much but it is similar in style to how it was before.  I wish I had a before, but  I don’t.  I’m not always the best at remembering that.  I get to eager to pull it all apart. 

Entry_0013 cw

I sanded the top of the table and re-stained it.  I absolutely love this!  It is such a simple thing, but it is one of my favorite re-do’s from the summer.  It used to be a light pine, glossy colored top.  It had to go.  I still liked the style of table and the neutral color.  The new stain fixed everything for me.  I added the glass knob too.  You know me and hardware.  I found the matching lamps at the same antique store I found the frame.  This was my splurge!  I even had to go home and sleep on it for a night or two before I bought them.  I couldn’t get them out of my mind and we all know what that means.  They had my name written on them.  I have not regretted this purchase once.  They are nice heavy duty lamps that I will not get sick of.

Entry_0016 cw

I decided to keep it simple on the table top and reuse what I already had. 

Entry_0015 cw  

I ripped the covers off a few of my old books.  I had to think twice about that.  I really like the look, but once you do that it’s a done deal.  Old books are hard to come by sometimes and they aren’t cheap anymore.  It was so worth it.  I am TEMPTED to do this to all of them.  Tempted.  I ripped pages out of these same books and rolled them up inside the glass jar.  Tied it with some vintage ribbon and it was complete.  

I printed a new photo for this frame.  I like the pop of turquoise.  I LOVE that boy.

Entry_0022 cw

This was what I really wanted to share.  It was the inspiration for this post.  My Heritage Banner. 

Entry_0023 cw

I have inherited so many old family photos.  My family on my side as well as Casey’s side, knows how much I really do appreciate photos.  I have collected these through out my married years.  I used to have them framed through out my home, but when I re-did things recently I decided to make a statement with them all in one place.  I usually have some type of banner or holiday accessory on this mirror.  I really don’t like it when it is empty.  Probably because I am so used to seeing something on it.  This was the perfect place to display something like this.  Everyone walks through here and everyone will see it.  It also goes well with the vinyl words above the mirror. 

I used some of my vintage ribbon I stocked up on during my last trip to McKinney.  I hot glued each end to the mirror and then used small clothes pins I bought at Hob-Lob to clip the photos in place.

Enrty_0018 cw  

I added this photo of the Salt Lake Temple that Andrea took a long time ago.  Casey and I were married here.  That is where our family started.  Temples represent Eternal Families.  Even though not all of our ancestors are members of the church, temple work is what will bring us all back together again.  This photo completes my Heritage Banner.  (If you have any questions about Temples please ask).

And this view completes my virtual tour of our entryway.     

 Entry_0045 cw

 The End. 

Thanks for stopping by. :)


Alison said...

I love it! Beautiful! I wish I had your decorating talent - so classy!

Colleen said...

It looks beautiful Krysta! I love your paint color too. I am going to have to check out mpix. I have never used them but I am not very happy with my current choice.

Eileen said...

Gorgeous! You have such a gift. Thanks for sharing.

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

I really love mpix too! Thanks for letting me know about it :)

I love every single detail of it. That tableturned out gorgeous! I'm so glad you decided to do the dark stain on the top. The contras is just timeless. I love your coat rack. I need one of those for my entry! The picture display is a really cool idea. I love that you can change them out so easily. Beautiful!

Beth Curtis said...

I love it! Your banner is awesome. I have a ton of old family pics and I am trying to decide what I want to do with them. I still absolutely adore your dining room. Andrea did a great job on that temple picture. I love it!

KW said...

Looks great! Love everything you have done.

Andrea said...

Loved that post. I love how you tied the temple and what it means back to your heritage. I love the banner. You are so creative.

Marji said...

I love the banner on your mirror-i might have to steal that idea for my entry way mirror-it is so boring!

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