Friday, September 23, 2011

Around Here {Kaylee’s Room}

This week has been a busy one.  A good one, but a busy one. Lots of errands and misc. things to do.  I had to take my brand new Toyota Sienna in to get fixed, for the second time.  We have only had it for 3 months and it has been in two minor accidents.  I have NEVER been in a car accident where I have been behind the wheel and then we get a brand new van that we have been waiting to buy forever and I rear end someone after having it for only a month.  Ugghh…the thought still makes me sick.  It was minor, no one got hurt and my bumper got replaced shortly after that.  I swear, I probably only had it back for maybe another month, when someone came inside Kid to Kid one day while I was shopping to ask if I was the owner of the Grayish Toyota Sienna outside.  Ummmm….I didn’t want to answer and my heart sank, but I said yes, knowing what she was going to tell me.  Sure enough, she had backed out of the parking spot next to me and hit the side of my van.  However nervous I was to call my husband and tell him about this, I was just as grateful that she came in to tell me.  That would have been awful to go outside and find that for myself!.  I can’t even imagine. 

So this week started out with me spending an entire morning taking my van in to get fixed and battling the insurance guy for a rental car.  Fun.  I have felt lost with a tiny rental car and being with out my van  all week.  My husband is actually on his way to pick it up while I type this.  Woo-hoo!  The rest of the week was a Dr. appointment and lunch with Kaylee, visiting teaching 3 of the women in my ward another morning, taking my kids back to school photos one evening, having Activity Days at my house with the young girls from church one night, scheduling and preparing things for holiday photo shoots and preparing for a caramel apple demonstration I taught last night at Relief Society.  It was so fun and they turned out so cute!  I will have to share about that next week.  BTW, have you seen the free monthly printouts for visiting teaching on Pinterest?  I loved that!  So easy and cute.  Also, I made a Photography/Wardrobe inspiration board for my clients to view on Pinterest.  Can you tell I love Pinterest?  I do.  So many of them ask me what they should wear, so I thought I would gather up several ideas  and help give them a head start.  Tomorrow we are going to an A&M football game.  It is an all day event and it will be my first A&M game.  The boys go all the time and love it.  I’m excited to see what the hype is all about.

Alrighty, on to the post.  I thought it was time for another “Around Here” post.  This time I thought I would share Kaylee’s room.  We re-did her room for Christmas last year.  The whole idea of it has been finished since then, but I just barely added the finishing touches, like printing and framing photos.  To see what her room was like before go here

Here it is now. 


We both agreed that we wanted it to be a little bit more streamlined and grown up.  She loves.  I love it. We are happy.


The bedding is the Shabby Chic line from Target.  I think I even got the zebra throw there too. The sheets are also from Target.


As are the pillows.  I love Target!


I took down the quilt that was hanging on my shabby board and tied some picture frames around the rod with tulle.  The lamp is from Hob Lob.


The two black frames I already had.  We just spray painted them black.  The pink frame was a find at Marshall’s Home Goods, but it was in the room before.


We replaced her old knobs on her dresser with glass ones from Hob Lob.  The lamp is also from there as well as the frames. 


So far, maybe you can tell my favorite decor stores are Target, Hobby Lobby and Marshall’s.  Love them all!


I printed a photo of Kaylee on this old car in a 20 x 24.  I love the texture the car brings to the room.  I bought a canvas in the same size and spray painted it black.  Then used craft spray adhesive to glue it on.  If you haven’t done this before I would advise you to have someone help you.  It is a two person job, for me anyway.   I took the vinyl “Dream” off the wall and placed it on the photo.  I was happy it worked so well for me to re-use.


  We took this bookshelf from Ady’s room and gave her Kaylee’s dollhouse bookshelf.  Ady’s room is different now too.  I will have to share that soon.  This bookshelf is perfect in Kaylee’s room.  Casey made this for the boys years ago.  It has been painted several times. 


My sweet girl.


Her desk area got a minor makeover.  The mirror and chair were painted.  My aunt gave Kaylee a new creating memories organizer.  She loves it.


I love her grouping of K’s.  Here is a tip: If you have a couple of similar, small things like this, it makes more of a statement if you put them all together. 


And that is that!  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Thanks for stopping by. :)


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Colleen said...

What a precious little space for your little girl. Love the color scheme. I also love that pink frame. I love those same stores except we don't have Hobby Lobby - wish we did! It sounds like a fun place.

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

It looked gorgeous before but now it just looks like perfection. Seriously you are so detail oriented. I love that. The grouping of Ks is a cool idea. The picture of her on the car is amazing. You are so talented! I love those stores too :)

Tam said...

I am so xcited to spend all day w u. Wahoo! I also love k's room. The color of her walls is perfect. She is such a little u!

Beth Curtis said...

so cute! It is such a tween room now. Sigh, she is so grown up. I love the canvas idea. Maybe when you get here one of your trips you can help me do one.

Brynne said...

I love this! We are big fans of hot pink and zebra print here at our house too (in fact just bought some fleece fabric of both today)! We are wanting to build Ivey a bedroom. Today when we were buying her b-day party stuff at Hobby Lobby, we strolled the aisles a bit and decided we are DEFINITELY going there when we finally get her room. We may plan the whole decor off of one of their awesome lamps--love them! Kaylee's car picture is awesome by the way!

Andrea said...

Adorable. I love seeing it with all the pictures. The one of her on the car is adorable. Good choice. My favorite part of the room is all the K's, and I love the curtains. I have always loved those curtains.

Kari said...

I am surprised to see a car hanging in Kaylee's room! But it is so fun. Did you enjoy the game?

Lindsey Jensen said...

I love the canvas and I totally want one!!! Love her room!!

Eileen said...


Judy said...

I saw this room featured on Just a Girl and had to stop by. I love the colors and the canvas idea is brilliant. Don't feel bad about the car...I had to laugh because I too bought a Toyota Sienna, grey as well, and had my first minor accident (in a parking lot as well) and the car was only a few weeks old and had to have the bumper replaced. The woman behind me backed up at the same time as me. She had an old corolla...ZERO damage...the bumper of my brand new car looked like the car had been hit by a tractor trailer truck (to the point where at first the woman thought I already had that damage). I am your latest follower. How couldn't I be? You have a beautiful blog and we are kindred spirit with the van.

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

What a pretty little girl's room! I love the color scheme with the pops of black! My daughter has the same sheets & comforter and I too am a big fan of Tarjay! I have to find a place for a canvas like yours - that is such a fabulous DIY project!

To The Moon and Back said...

What a lovely room for your girl:) Love the zebra print and the white!

Crafty Mischief said...

I love your daughter's room! The colors, the canopy, the photos on the wall, everything! My girls would love this room! Thanks for the inspiration!

Alison B said...

Love the room!!! My daughter is quite jealous and we might use this as an inspiration for her room! One thing for sure is that she wants her walls green. I'm gaving trouble picking a green. can you tell me the name of the color on the walls?? I'd really appreciate it!

thanks so much!!!

alisonnay at gmail dot com

Jenn from Fl said...

I would love to know the paint color too!! My oldest is 11 and her fav color is green. Not sure how I found your blog but so glad I did. Love, love, love what you and your daughter did with her room. Thanks for the inspiration:)

Krysta said...

Hi ladies! The paint color is Precious Jasper. It is a Glidden color by Home Depot. Google "Glidden Precious Jasper" to get a closer look.

Jenn from Fl said...

Thanks so much Krysta! Going to Home Depot today:)

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