Monday, September 19, 2011

Life’s Journey {what has helped me}

I mentioned a while back that I was having a hard time with life.  There are two things that changed everything for me.  I know that there were many little daily things that needed to change and things I needed to view differently, but two distinct things changed my view on day to day life dramatically.  I will share those two things in just a sec. 

I believe that technology can be a blessing in our lives just as much as it can be an invader and time stealer from ourselves and those around us.  A couple of weeks ago I learned what a huge blessing it can be if I use technology and my time the right way.  Because I was doing this, I was blessed by stumbling across two articles that I needed to read.  I know that I didn’t actually “stumble” across them at all.  They were there for me to find at that particular time. 

The first one is from Brooke Snow.  She writes an amazing blog about Photography and life in general. I always learn something from her.  Every week she posts about things she has found on the internet that have helped her or she has found uplifting or interesting.  I look forward to these posts from her.  She titles it “Best of…my weekly discoveries.”  Don’t click on these links yet, but this particular Best of led me to this amazing article about our to-do lists and time-management.

I want to get the background set up for you.  This article changes the focus of our to - do lists from the list itself to the actual how and why we do things.  Something that I really needed to learn.  The part that made me stop and really contemplate this perspective was when he said we are creating our Legacy with our daily to-do’s.  Now go back up and click.


Legacy has always seemed like such a big word.  It is full of so much meaning!   To use it in a day to day context really made me think.  What he says is so true.  What do you think?

The second one is from a new blog I found.  Cajun Joie de Vivre.  Amy Bayliss is a Christian blogger who writes about so many different topics, including recipes and organizing and crafty projects, which is how I happened to “stumble” across her.  I was organizing a few things on my Pinterest boards.  I was sorting through my For the Blog board, printing some free printables, one of which was from her.  One thing led me to the next on her blog and I found myself hooked reading so many wonderful things that I needed to read.   This is the article that was meant for me.  She sorted out everything that was all jumbled up in my head and put it into words.  She made sense of everything for me.  The concept she writes about are things I already have been taught and know to be true, but I needed to read her words.  I’m not even going to try to explain what she says because she does so perfectly.  Her article is lengthy, but it really was life changing for me so if you feel like you don’t know what you are doing anymore, your days aren’t making any sense and you are pedaling your wheels and getting no where, read her post. 

Just thought I would pass some very good reads your way and a little bit of my own life lessons.  Maybe it will help you like it helped me. 


Andrea @ The Worley House said...

Really great articles! Thanks for passing them along, I really enjoyed reading them. Such a great challenge in both.

Andrea said...

I loved both of those. Thank you for sharing them with the blogging world. It helps remind that blogging should be used for good, and should be uplifting. That was definitlely uplifting.

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

His timing is always perfect. It amazes me. So glad you found what you needed.

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